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What does thesis and dissertation have in common?

The word thesis and dissertation appears to be familiar to the students who have taken up a Master’s degree or are into PhD program. Initially the familiarity of the words may make a fake confidence in the minds of the students unless and until they have to set their tables to put effort to jot the data down, only then the famous and well known dissertation will suddenly appear to be a fathom and ominous part of the researcher’s career.  Read more »

Online recruitment at Vodafone UK

Vodafone is one of the largest telecommunication and networking service providers of the world (Groebel, Noam and Feldmann, 2006). Vodafone has its presence all across the globe. Vodafone is an UK based company and is headquartered in London. Read more »

What is a dissertation?

A dissertation is considered to be an intensive judge of the knowledge of the students wherein they have to give a comprehensive piece of work in writing based on extensive study, independent research and reading for Masters Degree or Doctoral study. Read more »

Leading with emotional intelligence

As business environments change, so does the leadership styles and strategies. Over time, the kinds of challenges that business leaders face have changed and there has been a shift from formal to more informal leadership. Read more »

Modern Indian Writers in English: Are they stereotyped as Casteism writers?

Literature in India has not remained same since its first stages of development in 3000 BC.Vedas Indian literature since the Vedas and the Upanishads has produced more volumes of beautiful writings than any other part of the world. The history spoke of religion and epic, lyric and science, medicine and nature and of love and divinity. When seen in the broadest sense, the most beautiful proses and paras were articulated in our very own language- Sanskrit. Read more »

The concept of self help groups

Self help groups are voluntary association of people formed to attain certain collective goals, both economic and social goals. Self help groups are normally formed of the poor coming from rural or semi-urban areas. Each group consists of 10 to 20 members of small and marginal farmers, landless agriculture laborers, rural artisans, women folk, and micro-entrepreneurs. Read more »

How to understand and implement different comments given by your thesis supervisor?

The writer of a thesis will have to undergo a numerous comments from the supervisor and it is essential for them to understand their comments and implement the required changes in their work. If one fails to implement the same in their work then they not only lose the confidence of the supervisor but also end up creating a very bad thesis. Read more »

Empowering women through micro-finance

Micro-finance is the provision of a broad range of financial services such as deposits, loans, payment services, money transfers, and insurance to poor and low-income households. A majority of the microfinance programmes target women with the explicit goal of reducing poverty and empowering them. Read more »

How to conclude your thesis

Everything has a beginning and an ending, so does a thesis. As the proverb goes “All’s well that ends well”, so as a matter of fact ending should be logical. Otherwise the writer happens to just play a roundabout way and is giving room to the audience’s unending questions. Read more »

Basics of Project Management

The project management is an organized and planned effort to accomplish the specific objective of one-time, for example, implementing a main new computer system and constructing a building. The project management includes developing a plan for the project, which consists of confirming and defining the objectives and goals of the project, identifying the tasks and how the goals are achieved, quantify the needed resources and determining the timelines and budgets for completion. Read more »

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