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Priya Chetty writes frequently about advertising, media, marketing and finance. In addition to posting daily to Project Guru Knowledge Tank, she is currently in the editorial board of Research & Analysis wing of Project Guru. She emphasizes more on refined content for Project Guru's various paid services. She has also reviewed about various insights of the social insider by writing articles about what social media means for the media and marketing industries. She has also worked in outdoor media agencies like MPG and hotel marketing companies like CarePlus. She has attained MBA degree from Indian Institute of Planning and Management, New Delhi.

Process of Project Management

For many years Project Managers learned their trade by experience, typically an Engineer would be promoted to the role of Project Manager and if they succeeded in delivering their first project they would be rewarded with larger more challenging projects (almost until they failed). Read more »

Portfolio Management of a Project

In the recent trends of project management includes the portfolio management of project. The portfolio management of project is a movement by the organization to control the project to evaluate how well the projects will align with the goals of the strategy and quantify its value. Read more »

Importance of work-life balance

The term work-life balance is mostly interpreted as the compatibility and harmony of private life and the working life (Tucholka and Weese, 2007). So, generally it is considered as the balance between different parts of life. However, it is a dynamic term as the different aspects of work and life are not required to be stringently equally proportionate. Read more »

Impact of workplace stress on employee satisfaction

There are various workplace factors that causes stress and are referred to as stressor or job stressor. Job stressors either make physical demands on physical needs or make psychological demands (Thomas and Hersen, 2002). These job stressors not only make jobs stressful and difficult for the employees but also impact the interpersonal relationships at work. Read more »

Importance of observing good business ethics

Business ethics is a value system with the capability to provide an organizations with the guideline within which the management can operate (Fernando, 2009). Business ethics are performed through practices such as performing routine work and are not mere objects (Carter, 2007). Ethical practices in business is important for all the organizations. It is a vital component of an effective business strategy. Read more »

How to organize your time for your dissertation?

Dissertation writing is not just an article writing that can be done within few hours. One has to contribute few days either to do the survey or the research work. The reason it will take most of your time for the next few days because it is not only research that you have to bother about but also how to do the research and why it is required according to your objective. Read more »

Importance of technology in human resources management

Industries across the globe have witnessed dramatic changes over the last two decades (Chanda, Sivarama Krishna and Shen, 2007). With the advent of development in information technology, the nature of work that people are engaged in along with the requisite skills, knowledge and abilities have underwent a shift. Read more »

Knowledge management in organisations

The following figure outlines Knowledge Management in an organisational perspective.  As seen in the figure, Knowledge should be studied as an interrelationship between stimulus and response: Read more »

Recruitment and selection in small scale enterprises

Recruitment and selection are two vital stages of staffing process in any organization, whether large or small scale. Recruitment takes place after the determination of manpower requirement for an organization and focuses on identification of sources of requisite manpower to attract adequate number of prospective employees. Read more »

Innovation and Knowledge Management

Innovation is the core process that results in the success of any organization. Innovation is of two types. They are

  • Closed Innovation
  • Open Innovation

Read more »

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