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Priya Chetty writes frequently about advertising, media, marketing and finance. In addition to posting daily to Project Guru Knowledge Tank, she is currently in the editorial board of Research & Analysis wing of Project Guru. She emphasizes more on refined content for Project Guru's various paid services. She has also reviewed about various insights of the social insider by writing articles about what social media means for the media and marketing industries. She has also worked in outdoor media agencies like MPG and hotel marketing companies like CarePlus. She has attained MBA degree from Indian Institute of Planning and Management, New Delhi.

Role of strategic marketing in promoting e-commerce

Strategic marketing is an approach that integrates the marketing operation of an organization with all the other managerial functions in order to enable an organization to succeed in the market. Strategic marketing  is not only important for the success of organizations with physical infrastructure but also essential for the success of online organizations. Strategic marketing when adapted efficiently can help organizations promote their business and improve their profitability. Strategic marketing is hence indispensable to all organizations.

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Strategies to improve job satisfaction of faculties who teach online

It is well known that level of job satisfaction of faculties teaching online is highly correlated with the quality of the education delivered online and performance of students learning online (Marion and Quaglia, 1991). Therefore it is important for faculties to be highly satisfied and happy about imparting education online. However, keeping the faculties satisfied and happy relies purely upon the educational institutions to which they are tied up. Read more »

Benefits gained by organizations from logistic service providers

Benefits gained by organizations from logistic service providersThere are several benefits that organizations could gain on availing the services offered by a logistic service provider. Deepen (2007, p 21) has identified that the major benefit of logistics is the reduction of costs that it offers to organizations. Read more »

Corporate social responsibility in hospitality industry in UK

Corporate social responsibility in hospitality industry in UKHospitality industry in UK is a multimillion dollar industry. This industry serves millions of people all over the globe and is expected to grow to a great extent over the coming years. The hospitality industry forecasts around 1580 million tourists by 2020 to arrive in UK (Price water house Coopers, 2006). Read more »

Transformational leadership theory

No concept is free from criticisms. Transformational leadership theory is not an exception to it. Though seems effective, there are numerous criticisms about transformational leadership theory (Tracey and Hinkin, 1998). Read more »

Challenges of online recruitment from a job seekers’ perspective

Online recruitment is not meant for everyone and it is not a solution for all hiring needs. It is always important to keep in mind how an online environment affects the applicant pool (Boone and Kurtz, 2010).  Read more »

Transformational leaders of the century

Transformational leaders explore hidden talents of individuals and make them perform exceedingly well.  On the other hand, they care for their followers as individuals and act genuine to them. The following examples explain how transformational leadership can bring about success in an organization. Read more »

Challenges faced by the Indian steel industry

Challenges faced by the Indian steel industryThe Indian steel industry is one of the most promising industries in the country and across the world. Consumption of steel is an important indicator of economic progress of any country; it increases with an increase in demand for infrastructure, automobiles, transportation, etc. Read more »

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