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Priya Chetty writes frequently about advertising, media, marketing and finance. In addition to posting daily to Project Guru Knowledge Tank, she is currently in the editorial board of Research & Analysis wing of Project Guru. She emphasizes more on refined content for Project Guru's various paid services. She has also reviewed about various insights of the social insider by writing articles about what social media means for the media and marketing industries. She has also worked in outdoor media agencies like MPG and hotel marketing companies like CarePlus. She has attained MBA degree from Indian Institute of Planning and Management, New Delhi.

How to cite a source using Mendeley?

Managing and citing numerous sources in your paper can be a time consuming task especially when it comes to making the end List of references. It is possible that you forgot where you saved a file or the online links to useful sources, which means you have to spend hours or days trying to find all of them again. Read more »

Change referencing style of your paper with ease

Sometimes it happens that after you finish writing a whole paper, you realise that the referencing style you used was wrong and may need to change it. In such cases you will usually have to spend hours trying to change it. Read more »

How to install Mendeley?

Using Mendeley for academic writing will help you finish your writing process faster because of a number of functions (Know More here). We recommend you to use Chrome rather than Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, as it is the most user-friendly browser. Read more »

How can using Mendeley speed up your writing?

Mendeley is an online tool to manage, cite and annotate your references in your paper.  It is also called a ‘reference manager’. It helps you store all your online resources for your research in a library which can be accessed with a computer from anywhere and any time. Read more »

List of references in an academic paper

The references list should include details for all your citations in your paper. List of references can be of different types, some may want it in chronological order of year, while others want it in alphabetical order of author’s last name. A reference list is always required when you cite other people’s work in your paper. Read more »

What is referencing?

References are an essential part in any academic paper. It is important that you cite the source of your borrowed idea and quote. By providing the source you are acknowledging in your paper that you have read the work and have recognized the referred author’s ideas. It helps the reader to get the bigger picture of your argument and also how the point relates to your topic. Read more »

Understanding critical analysis or review in a thesis

Critical analysis means you are identifying the problems or weaknesses of a previous research. That is the meaning of the word “critic”. For example, the job of a food critic is to criticise food served to him. He may like it or he may find faults and give suggestions to make the dish better. Similarly, a film critic will decide whether a movie was good or bad. Read more »

How do celebrity endorsements impact the brand image?

People love to watch the celebrities, get to read about them, imitate them and this attitude is what has been the motivating factor for advertisers to rely on celebrity endorsements. Celebrities can be classified on the basis of their work area– musicians, sportsperson, actors, models, economists, businessmen, politicians (Banytė, J et all 2011). Celebrity endorsement has become a staple in today’s market. Read more »

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