Business Plan

Business Plan is required mainly for the following purposes:

  • Lenders and Investors want to see a logical and coherent plan before putting their money at risk
  • Statutory Permissions / Approvals are accorded on Business Plan

Importance & Benefits:

  1. Business Plan – will force you and your team to think through all the elements of your business
  2. Trusted and experienced outsiders who review your initial plan & identify your weakness, missed opportunities, un-supportable assumptions, overly optimistic assumptions in your Business Plan on paper – can and will then improve your prospects and reduce the probability of rejection and chance of operation failures
  3. How much you can afford for personnel & other expenses, target customers and success factors
  4. It is also a Budget vis-à-vis Result projections. It will induce you to investigate for corrective measures – if there is deviations.

Why some business plans fail

  • Goals set by the Entrepreneur are un-reasonable and unrealizable.
  • Goals are not measurable
  • The Entrepreneur has not made total commitment
  • The Entrepreneur has no experience in the planned business
  • The Entrepreneur has no sense of potential threats or weaknesses
  • No Customer need was not established for the proposed product or services.

A Business Plan is meant for stakeholders:

  1. Employees
  2. Investors
  3. Lenders
  4. Suppliers
  5. Customers
  6. Consultants

Business Plan focuses on  The Entrepreneur’s 5 “C”s – which Investors/Lenders assess :-

  1. Capital   –    How much is the Capital of Entrepreneur ?
  2. Capacity –   Is the projected Cash Flow realistic & adequate ?
  3. Collateral – What are the securities being provided ?
  4. Character – Is the Entrepreneur trust-worthy ?
  5. Conditions – Is the external condition conducive ?

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