Author: Yashika Kapoor

Treatment options of lethal Anaphylaxis, allergic Rhinitis & Asthma

By Yashika Kapoor and Chandrika Kapagunta on January 6, 2018 No Comments

Allergic diseases interfere with the normal existence of an individual, resulting in physical and emotional distress.The data on health-related quality of life shows the interference of allergies in work and social life, inhibition of outdoor activities and mobility (Baiardini, Braido, Brandi, & Canonica, 2006), making identification of relevant treatment options important.


Meta-analysis for one group

By Yashika Kapoor and Priya Chetty on December 25, 2017 3 Comments

This article explains the data entry methodology, for performing meta-analysis on the outcomes of studies having a single group. For this purpose, the single group of patients who were administered drug treatment will be taken into consideration.


Summary results and analysis for odds ratio

By Yashika Kapoor and Priya Chetty on December 25, 2017 1 Comment

As seen the relative weighting of studies in the two models are quite different. The random effects model takes into account both the interstudy variance and sample size, resulting in well-distributed weight.