Theories on determination of Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for the success of construction projects

Presence of uncertainties in the budget, technology, and development process makes construction projects dynamic in nature. With the increase in project complexities and difficulties in building infrastructure facilities, unprecedented changes are taking place in the building construction industry.

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How to write the scope of the study?

Scope of the study refers to the elements that will be covered in a research project. It defines the boundaries of the research. The scope is always decided in the preliminary stages of a study.


How to write impactful case studies?

Case studies involve the examination of a person, place, events or any phenomena in order to extrapolate the key themes. The results help the researcher to predict future trends and illuminate previously hidden issues that can be applied in practice.


What are the stages in grounded theory analysis for qualitative data?

Grounded theory analysis in qualitative research is a type of scientific research concerned with the emerging concepts of social phenomena. It refers to situations where data collection is conducted in an unstructured way (Joubish, Khurram, Ahmed, Fatima, & Haider, 2011). The three main qualitative research methods are participant observation, in-depth interviews and focus groups (Jamshed, […]