Investigation of the slow growth rate of the microfinance industry of India

Owing to the increase in the economic development and growing Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of India, there is an increasing demand for financial assistance, especially in microfinance. This demand is not only from corporations and financially stronger groups but also from the lower sections of the society.


Validity in qualitative research

From traditional validity testing in quantitative research study, scholars have initiated determination of validity in qualitative studies as well (Golafshani 2003). However, according to Creswell & Miller (2000), the task of evaluating validity is challenging on many levels given the plethora of perspectives given by different authors at different time periods.


Defining research method for research papers

As discussed in my previous article “Understanding research” there could be different purposes for research. It can be exploratory or descriptive and the research methods are not mutually exclusive. However, over the period of research the researcher may identify more than one purpose and choose a research method.