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Goal setting theory of performance management system

By Pamkhuila Shaiza and Indra Giri on September 29, 2016 2 Comments

Goal setting refers to goals being set for the future for subsequent performance of an individual or organisations. The pioneer of goal setting theory Edwin Locke states that when individuals or organisations set more difficult goals, then they perform better. On the other hand, if the set goals are easy then the performance of an […]


Expectancy theory of performance management system

By Apara Bhattacharya on September 23, 2016 3 Comments

Performance management has been identified as a system that creates context for continuous monitoring and measuring activities of individual employees in a firm. Similarly it also measures the performance of the entire organization so that organisational goals are met in an effective manner (Lebas 1995). Expectancy theory is an essential theory that underlines the concept […]