Market Research & Segmentation

Project Guru delivers market research solutions tailored to our client's specific needs, as it is our firm belief that a boilerplate "one size fits all" approach to research is ineffective. Prior to commencing any study, we invest considerable time/resources to understand our client's specific business problem and design an optimal market research plan based on those specific needs. Understanding the overall business objective of our clients is our key to develop meaningful research.

Why outsource it

Why do so many market research firms outsource their analytics to Project Guru? They do so because our expertise in statistical analysis and experimental design sets us apart. We are expert in literally every statistical methodology, in all statistical software packages, and with virtually any experimental design (including qualitative designs). Here at Project Guru, we can guarantee that your research questions will be studied properly, that your sample size will be adequate to obtain a statistically significant result, that your data will be analyzed optimally, and that you will have a dedicated team available to answer any questions that you may have regarding the results of the research.

Collecting data and analysing

We have the ability to collect data from traditional focus groups, phone or online surveys, in-depth live interviews, journaling, bulletin boards, social network groups, or private placements. From there, our analytical team can take over the project and deliver the absolute best in reports, along with consulting geared towards optimizing the implementation of what we’ve recommended.

Help in developing strategies

We believe yesterday the competition was slower than what it is today but tomorrow the competition is going to hit much harder than today. Thus in this highly competitive business world, making well-informed decisions is crucial to keep an edge over the competition. But the question lies how can Project Guru make a difference. Project Guru has been constantly going through rigourous research and have been scratching heads from the past five years to analyse datas of different organizations for our clients.

Our experts are ready to help you

Our experts are proficient in a wide variety of mathematical and statistical techniques, from traditional methods such as Monte Carlo analysis: stochastic optimization and linear, integer, and mixed-integer programming: and state-of-the-art analyses involving genetic algorithms, which allow one to "evolve" optimal strategies in simulated dynamic business settings. By applying one or more of these methods, we can provide strategic plans that are simple enough to be easily communicated to all stakeholders in our clients' decision-making processes, yet powerful enough to provide a significant edge over the competition.

Not only are we able to provide very high-level analytics to our clients, but also our price is lower than that of other consulting companies. We are able to offer an outstanding price/quality ratio largely due to our economies of scale, staff efficiency, and familiarity with complex analytical models. Our low price, combined with high quality solutions, ensure that our clients receive the maximum possible ROI from their engagement with Project Guru.

Get started now

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