Marketing Design Service

We are creative writers, expert marketers and designers and when combined together we become one powerfull marketing mix. We have always delivered perfect quality work whether it was writing content or marketing a website or a brand. Now we have also included marketing design into our mix and these are not just ordinary designs but extra ordinary designs.

A complete designing set

From websites to brochures and PowerPoint templates we design it all. Our designers have experience to visualize your idea and put it down in colours to get you one high impact visuals that enhances your marketing messages, attracts attention and motivates visitors to transaction.

Combined with powerfull writing

We do provide our design services seperately here. But when you combine a creative design with a brilliant promotional writing content you get this:

  • Cohesive creative concept: An excellent design goes hand in hand with the perfect content for the concept developed. At this point the designers work with our copywriters and concept developers to visualize the exact idea. As a team we brainstorm together to put forward that perfect concept that would persuade your prospects to a transaction for your products and services.
  • Hassle free: You don't have to visit different companies for your creative. One idea at one stop under one roof with multiple tools, you get the most enhanced concept for your message. Dealing with different companies for different components of your marketing idea can be a tiresome and time consuming with a major problem of communication failure when trying to synchronize all of the work to produce one. When you take services from Project Guru you speak to one person who then cordinates the complete project to deliver that perfect concept.
  • Savings: When you hire Project Guru for your project you pay for one's profit but when hire multiple companies to different tasks and deliver the same project that can sometime run out of your expected budget. Hiring some one in-house to copy write for projects can be expensive than outsourcing your work to Project Guru. Lets say you have 3 projects for this month and 1 for the next, with Project Guru you pay only fot 4 projects where as if you hire some one in-house you can imagine how much it would cost.

Get started now

We are all set to design and market your products and services. Lets start a communication. Why wait! Get started now.

We are looking for candidates who have completed their master's degree or Ph.D. Click here to know more about our vacancies.