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Now get the complete marketing set at one place. From designing of graphics, web-brochure, website, newsletters to managing online advertisements. Online advertisements are crucial for making an online presence. Today internet is a vast place where the visitors are ever increasing but promoting your product or service on a page which is not related to you may not get as much result where if you plan the placement and deliver the exact message that the visitor on that is seeking.

Working out step by step

Advertising is one part of the developed idea and converting the viewer is another part. Proper planning helps reduce costs of advertisements and display maximum impressions for maximum conversions. We try to increase the click through rates for every impression. Lets say if there occurs 100 impression of the placed advertisement and we are able to get 10 clicks. The click through rate is 10% and thus the future ads will cost us less. Click through rates does not the rate of conversions of visitors into customers. It is achieved with intellegent placement of ads. Placements play major role in getting the qualified visitors to the site. These qualified visitors helps increase sales and revenue.

Spending the right way

Project Guru is now able to evaluate the relative effectiveness of commission sales, pay-per-click Internet advertising, circulars, and other forms of e-advertising. Using tools borrowed from modern portfolio analysis, Project Guru aggregates those results to evaluate a campaign's true effectiveness and allow clients to create the "optimal portfolio" of advertising/marketing techniques to achieve the maximum possible ROI, net profit, or risk-adjusted net profits (depending on particular goals).

We take care of your budget and marketing efforts

We will take care of your advertisement portfolio. Let us look for you the best advertisment platform within your budget. Let us help you achieve that uniform increase in traffic. Budget plays a crucial role in advertisements excessive spending can make bankrupt without any output and proper planned portfolio can get more output than what you had expected. We will study your website thoroughly and provide you a brief layout that will explain you how much traffic you can expect at the end of the month within your framed budget. We will help you integrate all of the marketing solutions.

The portfolio aproach

Using correlation analysis, Project Guru is able to able to take the timing and cost of various e-advertising promotions and correlate the resulting sales data (adjusting for seasonality, lag times, intercorrelations, etc.) back to individual advertising/marketing promotions. By doing this, we are able to successfully view each advertising promotion as an "investment" with it's own individual return and risk (volatility) characteristics. When that investment is analyzed in concert with other such investments, the optimal advertising "portfolio" can be established, showing the optimal advertising structure for the firm. Eventually the firm's budget can then be applied to the results to determine anticipated sales for the suggested campaign and for different levels of spending.

This Approach works particularly well for industries with multiple incentive programs and promotions running concurrently, and with smaller advertising needs. By this approach we aim to bring each firm an assured advertising ROI maximization within its budget. Our approach works particularly well for firms running PPC campaigns, as we can then treat each keyword as the "investment" and construct the optimal portfolio of keywords for your PPC campaign, analogous to how we conduct the analysis for firms that use various advertising/marketing media. Our methodology is FAR more advanced than anything currently being used by typical PPC consultants, and we're able to offer this service for a reasonable price to firms interested solely in optimizing their PPC campaign.

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