Optimized Press Release Service

Press release marketing services helps achieve more traffic to the website and drive more customers. Press release marketing servce helps you get ranked higher in search engines thus diverting loads of free traffic towards the website. Project Guru has been writing press releases from day one.

We can help you with

  • Optimized Press Release Writing Service
  • Optimized Press Release Online Distribution

How is Press Release marketing service right for you?

If you are ready to recieve heavy qualified traffic to your website by getting ranked higher in search engines and seriously boost the revenue then Project Guru's Optimized Press Release writing service and Optimized Press Release Online Distribution is the perfect marketing service that you can opt for.

Importance of press release marketing campaign?

We help you create the right marketing pace. We can create topics for you, we can get on a regular press release marketing schedule, we can create, write and optimize articles for you weekly, every alternate week, monthly, every alternate month, yearly or we can plan accordingly. Based on our experience we recomend all our clients for Optimized Press Release marketing campaign for atleast once a month.

How is Project Guru different?

There many ways how Project Guru is different from any other copy writing company. We have five different reasons about how Project Guru is different from any other writing service provider.

  • We can assure you the best quality service you ever recieved. Check out our Commentary an Knowledge Tank sections for works by our professional writers.
  • Our press release articles communicate easily with your target audience. Our professional writers are experts in delivering the right message. They do it everyday.
  • Newsletters written by us are not wimpy that contains excess words in which case fails to attract search engines. Our newsletters are perfect that drive search engine results.
  • We know how to get these newsletters published in as many sites as possible using various distribution methods like newsletters and article publishing.
  • We know how to optimize the targetted keywords for the best search engine results. We know how optimize keywords without compromising the quality of the article and help you get ranked higher. In short we know how to write the perfect press release.

Get started now

We are all set to get more qualified traffic and reach more customers for you and get the word about your company. Let's start a communication today and take the first step to boost your organization's revenue with press release marketing services from Project Guru.

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