Search Engine Marketing Service

Now get ready and set to generate more traffic to your website. Crush your competitors by getting ranked higher in search engines with thousands of keywords than your competitors. Boost your traffic with high ranks in some of the most popular search engines like,,,, etc.

We are the experts

Project Guru has experienced and professional SEO experts who first design the layout for the SEO marketing campaign and then initiate the project with excellence. We can help you get high ranks for thousands of targetted keywords. Search engine marketing is a long process and the best part is we gurantee our service which means you will get guranteed higher rank. So get ready for us to prove it to you.

How shall we get you higher rank?

We combine promotional writing and marketing communication services search engine optimization techniques to boost your chosen keywords to the top. Using proper proper marketing techniques and management Project Guru can deliver faster and better results than any other search engine marketing company. But, how are we going to do it?

Project Guru will prepare a customised marketing campaign layout based on your present ranking of your targetted keywords and website with various search engines. Our marketing professional will condust an extensive research on keywords with respect to your website using various SEO tools and will also analyse the present ranking of your website with respect to these keywords. Then he analyse the best keywords on targetting which will trigger your website to rank higher. The professional will also analyse your competitors for keywords and shall plan accordingly to target your chosen keywords.

Higher search engine traffic results in increased revenue

It is a known fact that higher ranks in search engine drives more traffic thus boosts the overall revenue of the organization. Project Guru uses advance SEO techniques and marketing communications which will attract for and more buyers for your products and services. Today more and more users are using search engines to look for their required products or services. They use keywords for their requirements in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

It is known that most of the searchers do not go beyond 5 search result pages for their results. Thus if your website is not appearing in the first 5 result pages then you may loose out on that prospect. If your website starts appearing in these first pages you shall start recieving prospect visitors on website resulting in more and more conversions.

Get started now

We are all set to get more qualified traffic and reach more customers for you. Get ranked higher in search engine with all inclusive services like Blog writing, newsletter writing, Optimized press release campaigns, website auditing and content development. Why wait! Get started now.

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