Website Auditing & Transformation

Website Auditng Service from Project Guru is not about testing and improving the download speed of your website. Your website hosting company can help you out with these issues. Although download speed of your pages are also one of the part of the Website Auditing process but it is not a major part of the process. But if you want to recieve higher traffic and increase your traffic then you need a professional Website Auditing Service like Project Guru. Lets see how Project Guru can help you increase your revenue.

Website Auditing Service improves conversion rates

The website auditing process helps turning a mediocre website into a busy, search engine hungry, user friendly and a money generating website. By combining various services into one, you get a full pack of marketing communication and promotional writing services that will drive huge qualified traffic to your website and improving the convesion rates and thus boosting your revenues.

Right content for the targetted audience

We are professional writers, we write various contents for promotonal purposes and research purpose. When writing for your organization's website, we focus over your targetted audience. To focus clicks from the target audience we first analyze the surfing behavior of the audience, personalities of the audience and their purchasing behavior. With this information we select the right words for your content to motivate and target your audience to take instant action. Thus when your audience starts taking action they are no more audience but customers, thus their instant action boosts your revenues.

Professionally writing content for websites that drives the visitor to the transaction page requires a lot of experience and communication knowledge. This drive requires proper planning and structure preparations for the website. Professionals writers from Project Guru understand the everyday requirements of business and their target audience and thus successfully drive the audience across to the transaction page.

Writing good is not all what we do

Whats the use when you have a good website design and the best words but your audience is not able to reach it. Its like a thirsty man asking for a empty bottle of wine. We go beyond writing a high-conversion, high-impact content for your website. We also evaluate your keyword architecture for SEO, search engine rankings, your keyword rankings and your marketing objectives. While writing the content for your website we make sure that it is user friendly, easy to understand and are search engine hungry. Upon analysis of your website we instantly develop a marketing plan including all the necessary tools like Newsletter Communication, Article Writing, Blog writing, and other required services. We make it sure that we use all the resources to get you more and more qualified visitors and more conversions.

How Website Auditing is right for you

Website auditing is an ideal solution if you are looking for a company who can:

  • Build an online brand
  • Increase qualified traffic to your website
  • Increase conversion rates on your website
  • Optimize website to make it search engine hungry
  • Icrease online sales and revenue

Get started now

We are all set to get more qualified traffic and reach more customers for you. Get ranked higher in search engine and increase conversion rates and revenue. Lets start a communication. Why wait! Get started now.

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