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You bet, we are different from others. We adhere to strict time lines and make all deliveries prior to the deadline. We are constantly updating the knowledgebase of all the writers in our group by conducting regular training sessions and developing platforms where they are tested for their knowledge. We assign only the most experienced, dedicated and knowledgable writers and supervisors for our partners. The writers are well versed with English language and compose projects, academic papers, research papers and other marketing articles in English.

How are our partners different from our regular buyers

We have seperate teams for our regular buyers and our partners. With different teams it is easier to manage the deliveries on time, provide a quality and different work on similar titles and also respond to each query made by the customers of our partners. We have worked hard to adhere to the quality standards of our partners and their customers and this has helped us develop policies and have placed strong systems that help us deliver quality service everytime. We understand the value of our partners and we believe it is very difficult to respond to their customer's querries on day to day basis, thus we take the pain to prepare the papers in a simple and proper way and if required we also include steps to understand or extra explanations for complicated models, analysis and more.

Why should you choose us

It is obvious that you do not want to give away all of your marketing efforts and your brand position in the hands of an inexperienced writer. Project Guru has been working with several essay writing companies, unversities, report writing companies and web designing companies. We have been working with them on several domains by helping them sell quality work with genuine promises. We understand your stake while selling your paper and we do not take it for granted and give it away. We understand the value of your promises and commitments to your customers. And thus, we have placed stronger systems in place to deliver the quality work you have promised to your customers. We want our partners to have a peace of mind on their operations part so that they can concentrate on expanding the buisness by promoting sales and expanding their market.

What should you expect from us

  • Quality and genuine research work
  • Plagiarism free paper
  • Properly proof read papers
  • In depth research and application
  • Error free analysis
  • Properly referenced documents (APA, MLA & Harvard)
  • Deliveries before deadlines
  • Proper plan for projects with more than 10,000 words
  • Transperancy in communication
  • Quick response to all queries
  • Faster turn around time
  • After delivery editing and customer service
  • Help in negotiating with special customers

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