Newsletter writing Service

If you need a newsletter for print or online publishing or email marketing, then you have come to the right place. Project Guru knows how to develop the right content to make your marketing campaigns successfull and motivate your subscribers to take instant action.

Printed newsletter writing

Many companies prefer to contact their subscribers through printed newsletters and send it the traditional way using the standard print format. Whether you are seeking a single page to write or multiple Letters with specific promotional messages, we at Project Guru can do it.

Online newsletter writing

Like the printed version of newsletters you may also want to post your newsletters online in standard PDF or HTML format. Posting your newsletter online helps you develop more content online and it also helps develop links to your content which will eventually improve the rankings in search engine results.

Email newsletter writing

Email newsletter writing is different than writing printed version of newsletters but it is similar to online newsletters for online publishings. Email newsletters are better form of sending newsletters to your subscriber list as this is seo friendly and also helps in getting more quality links to your website which eventually gets more traffic to your website.

How do we write newsletter content?

We make this comminication very easy between you and your customers or your subscriber list. Either you tell us the topic that you want to include in your newsletter or we can frame few topics for your newsletter. All have companies have some exciting news to share with their customers or subscriber list. We usually frame 3-5 topics of less than 30 words, it can vary with type of format that you select (print, online or email). Obviously with every newsletter that you send out you will wnat your customer or subscriber list to visit your website. We put in great content in the newsletter and motivate them to visit your website. You can also get your website content developed with our Website Content Development Service to generate a more powerfull promotional communication that motivates your readers to take action.

We can design your newsletter

Project Guru has some of the most esperienced designers to design your newsletters, whether it is in the printed form, online or email. Our designers can get you fresh and fine designs for campaign. Our email newsletter templates are tested on various email clients to check the compatibility so that it renders properly in all of them and then it is approved to be sent. We also optimize the click through rates for the email campaigns. Higher click through rates means higher traffic that means higher revenue.

Get started now

We are ready to communicate your message to your customers and subsriber list. We are all set to write your newsletters. What are you waiting for? Lets start a communication and improve sales results. Get started now.

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