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SEO is Search Engine Optimization. You want to make an online presence then this is what you need before you do anything else. Lets put it in a simpler manner, lets say you are selling an expensive light pen and you are targetting only a few. Lets say you researched that most of your audience love to read online before they purchase anything. This is where we need to write articles about the product and publish it in as many sites as possible where most of our audience is available. Once they get to read about the product from different sources, there occurs a brand recall process in the mind which then motivates the reader to go for it. These articles also make their presence in the top results of search engines like,, and many other. This helps the products website to get to the top of search engine results which increases the traffic to the website.

Using the right keywords

Writing articles about the light pen does not help search engines to track your website. One of the important part of SEO copywriting is selecting and using the right keyword in the article. There are different methods of choosing the keywords for the article. Keywords are the words or phrases that your audience will use to search for your product in search engines like; pen, ink pen, expensive pen, stylish pen etc. We make a list of all the possible keywords but all these keywords cannot be used in articles. Thus selecting the right keywords that will get you traffic is a tough job. We use various methods and application to find out the keyword ranks and also what your competitors are using. We then evaluate the best keywords and use it as many times as possible without hampering the quality of the read and publishing it in all the selected websites.

Creating the right links with the keywords

While copywriting for SEO it is important that we use as many links as possible related to the keyword and the content of the page. This helps the reader to know more and clarify all his/her doubts from the articles and also helps the spiders from different search engines to track your website properly and at a proper frequency. Now that’s what we call professional SEO copywriting services.

Making it easy

Project Guru makes it easy for you to get to the top of search results. We make it easy for your wbsite to attract more search engines and attract new visitors to your website and get the the results that you deserve. Whether you have the list of keywords that you want to target or not we will help you target the best suitable keywords. We will study your website thoroughly and write down content that your visitors want to read. And we will develp a content that makes sense to your visitors and which is search engine hungary and we will do all that while you focus on your business objectives and goals.

Get started now

We are ready to provide you with SEO copywriting service to get thousands of qualified visitors and improve brand value and reach more customers for you. Get ranked higher in search engine and increase conversion rates and revenue. Lets start a communication. Why wait! Get started now.

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