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Text mining as a better solution for analyzing unstructured data

Text mining is a sub-division of data mining that is used in recognizing hidden patterns and correlation in large amount of data. It is also known as text data mining, intelligent text analysis and knowledge discovery in text. It is related to extracting useful information from unstructured text data. Gupta & Lehal (2009) have regarded text mining as new interdisciplinary area which is an amalgamation of data mining, information retrieval, machine learning, computer linguistic and statistics. There are many applications of text mining. It is a valuable resource in social networking and blogging, customer relations management, tracking public opinion and text filtering (Mostafa, 2013). Text mining is popular in the biomedical field also. Many practitioners have developed several bioinformatics data mining toolboxes for computational biology. In addition it deals with the text related to biology, medicine and chemistry.

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