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Managing defected product returns in reverse logistics

Reverse logistics is often known as aftermarket logistics or aftermarket supply chain. It is described as the activities that are carried out to recapture the value after the product has been sold (Dekker, et al., 2013). The logistics process of delivering a product from the point of manufacturing to the point of consumption is reversed in reverse logistics.

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The difference in shopping behaviour of generation Z and the millennial

It has been seen that each generation have their set of values based on technology and exposure that alter their responses towards advertisements and brand loyalty (Acar, 2014). It is important for the e-retailers to stay abreast of the latest trends from the shift in generations. Generation Z is the newest generation and comprises of people between the age bracket 4 to 24 years. Whereas millennial generation comprises of those who are between 23 to 38 years of age. Consumers falling in these groups are young and influential.

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Logistic operations of supply chain management

Logistic operations are elaborated as the part of the supply chain management which emphasis on the management of goods. Logistics is defined as the process of maintenance and movement of products from in and out of the firm whereas supply chain management comprises of the management and activities related to procurement and sourcing of materials (Christopher, 2016).

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Motivators and demotivators of online financial products

Financial products or financial instruments act as investments and securities developed to facilitate sellers and buyers with financial gains (Blankespoor, et al., 2013). Financial products are provided by financial institutions like;

  • credit card agencies
  • banks
  • insurance firms
  • government bodies and
  • stock brokers
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Psychological theories of entrepreneurship

Psychological theories of entrepreneurship put emphasis on the emotional and mental aspects of the individuals that drive their entrepreneurial activities (Baum, Frese, & Baron, 2014). Three of the most popular psychological theories of entrepreneurship today include:

  1. McCelland’s theory,
  2. Rotter’s locus of control theory and,
  3. Action regulation theory.
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Factors influencing consumer buying decisions

Consumer involvement in the buying decision can be seen as the decision-making process of the consumers in relation to pre and post-purchase. Through this cognitive process, consumers opt for one choice out of all the alternative options available. The previous article highlighted different types of buying decisions; routine response, limited, extensive and impulsive. Furthermore, this article highlights factors such as cultural, social, individual and psychological which affect consumer behaviour towards their buying decision.

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Why are consumers are happy with Amazon’s services?

SERVQUAL (Service Quality) model or service quality gap model is applied to explore the gaps and recognize different factors that result in a difference between expected services by consumers and the actual services being provided by the company (Wang et al., 2015).

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Buying decision types that affects consumer behaviour

Decision making is described as the cognitive process which leads to the selection of a choice or a set of action among alternative options and influences (Wolny & Charoensuksai, 2014). In the decision-making process, a final choice is derived which may or may not lead to action. There are different types of buying decision styles which affect consumer behaviour.

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