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How can the personal assistance program help you?

The personal assistance program was developed after years of experience in working with research papers in various domains. This program is designed to help you excel.

  1. Personal assistance is personal interaction with our experts that can be through phone call or web conference or a personal visit to our office.
  2. Daily updates or conversation with our expert to help you understand your area of research.
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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to understand the social characteristics of online customers

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs focuses on the basic requirement and demand for the individuals utilized by the marketers to identify the customer buying pattern (Yan, et al., 2016). The components of the theory or basic needs of the human being comprise:

  • psychological needs,
  • safety and security needs,
  • love and belonging need,
  • self-esteem and,
  • self-actualization needs.
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Application of Marshallian economics as an online shopping strategy

Online shopping facilitates buying and selling of products and services beyond the geographical periphery. The array of interdependence and parameters that emerge from coalescence among consumer purchasing behaviour, economics and human behaviour lead to the emergence of the Marshallian economics model. The advantage of this model is that it provides an idea of a marketplace consumer behaviour (Omotoyinbo et al., 2017).

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A decision framework to mitigate the challenges of international logistics

International logistics requires many different options and requirements to be met in order for a business to operate internationally (Wood, 2012). International logistics is the design and management of a system that controls the flow of materials, through, and out of the international business unit. By taking a systems approach, the firm explicitly recognizes the linkages among the traditionally separate logistics components within and outside the corporation (David, 2003).

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Use of different inventory models for efficient logistics management

Inventory plays a key part in logistics management to ensure that excess stock is not kept at the warehouse and at the same time consumer’s demands are met (Farahani & Rezapour, 2011). Through effective inventory models, businesses ensure that the products remain safe. Surveillance systems during the logistics operations ensure that the materials are handled well and breakages are minimised.

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Distribution channel varies from one business to another

Businesses spend heavily on making product and services that cater to their consumer choices or needs of the distribution channel. Making the items accessible viably and productively to the end consumers is considered under the spot idea of the advertising otherwise known as a distribution channel (Rushton, Croucher, and Baker, 2014). Choices concerning distribution channels are of most extreme significance to manufacturers. Businesses utilize numerous mediators which perform various jobs in the distribution channel. Every part in this chain fills in as a connection in the distribution system connecting the maker to the end client. Logistics is, therefore, an assorted and dynamic function that remains flexible and needs to change as required. Businesses, therefore, use various forms of channels to leverage their operations and business processes.

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