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The changing role of CEO

Various studies conducted on CEO attrition confirm that the shelf life of a CEO is on a decline (ET Bureau, 2011). The cut-throat competition has reduced the patience level of firms and even a small mistake on part of the CEO may lead to the departure of the CEO. Read more »

Corporate entrepreneurship for innovation and adaptation

Entrepreneurs are ordinary people who do extraordinary things” -Morris et al.

This simple statement actually has a deeper meaning which still remains mostly unexplored in the literature and more specifically in real life understanding and application in the corporate arena. Entrepreneurship is often conceived in a very narrow sense as the start-up of a new business (Morris et al., 2011). Read more »

Understanding the new IRDA guidelines

The Insurance Regulatory Development Authority’s (IRDA) significant move towards adopting a customer-eccentric approach in the Indian life insurance industry has initiated hope for a better tomorrow. But at the same time it has given birth to uncertainties especially in the minds of insurance providers and insurance intermediaries or agents. Read more »

Difference between conventional banks and Islamic banks

Banking in common parlance refer to an organization which transacts in money. This term has been in use for a long time but its inception is still mysterious. Few believe the term ‘Bank’ has its origins in Italy from the term ‘Banchi’ while some believe that it has originated from Greek term ‘Banque’; both of them mean Bank (Singla, 2010-11). Read more »

Overcome business downfall without employee layoff

Business environments have never been stable and no matter what; they tend to stay like this in the future too. Change is said to be the only constant one can think of in a business. As situation worsens, be it an economic slowdown or individual business’s downfall, a situation of potential buy-out or even the closure of business in part; it becomes a critical strategic matter calling for urgent attention. Read more »

Islamic financial institutions

Islamic Finance remains a largely unknown concept even today in spite of being into existence since more than six decades now. The concept of Islamic finance has its roots from Islamic countries since the 1950’s and 1960’s. Kahf (2000) asserts that the roots of Islamic finance can be found in writings on Islamic economics dating back to 1940’s. Read more »

Challenges in Islamic financial market: Case study of HSBC bank

The Muslim population occupied 19.9% of the world’s population in 1990 while in 2010, the Muslims occupied 23.4% of the global population. This population grew globally at an annual average rate of 2.2% during this period. By 2030, Muslims are expected to comprise 26.4% of the world’s population (Pew Research, 2011). Read more »

Why is it important to retain senior managers during recession

Leadership plays a crucial role in deciding the fate of an organization. Although leadership is not synonymous with management; it is definitely an essential characteristic of a good manager (Redman, n.d.). Competency and commitment of the senior management is fundamental to the success of a firm. Read more »

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