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Importance of talk-listen ratio in corporate hiring

In the present age of growing attrition, hiring the right candidates is probably one of the most crucial challenges faced by the Human Resource (HR) managers. Experts say that the hiring practices of an organization have an impact on the productivity and that effectively hired employees are a competitive advantage for the firm (Kennedy-Luczak and Thompson, 2004). Read more »

Third hand smoke and its concerns

Thanks to the initiatives of the Government of India and various non-government organizations (NGO) in context of spreading mass awareness on detrimental impacts of cigarette smoking. Today even the kids are well aware that cigarette smoking is injurious to health. Read more »

No product returns, no product exchange policy

Traditionally, the companies have always followed a ‘push strategy’ wherein the companies pushed their offerings to the target customers through excessive marketing. With a shift in power from the hands of marketers to that of customers, the strategy was no longer effective in generating revenues for the firms. Read more »

Managing product returns

Managing product returns is probably one of the most complex organizational tasks. It involves complete re-processing of the sales transaction which incurs huge costs in terms of money, time and customer dissatisfaction. Read more »

Controlling product returns

Though the traditional approach of discouraging product returns is no more effective in the present market scenario; very high rates of product returns aren’t healthy too. A very high rate of product returns is definitely a signal of something wrong in the organization; either within the organization or at the suppliers’ or the customers’ end. Read more »

Importance of marketing the innovation

Globalization and technological advancement have enhanced the awareness levels of modern consumers and the growing competition among businesses have resulted in a shift of power from the hands of marketers to that of the consumers (Panwar, 2001). Read more »

Transition from closed innovation to open innovation

Peter Drucker, the legendary management consultant stressed upon the need for innovation and established that a business enterprise has only two basic functions which are marketing and innovation (Drucker, n.d. cited in Swaim, 2010). Read more »

Basics of a successful innovation

In the context of present business environments, it is often said that change is the only constant today. The markets are so volatile that what may be of relevance today may turn out to be a total waste in the immediate future (Reuvid, 2005). Read more »

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