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The impact of sales targets on customer satisfaction

A recent article in Harvard Business Review pointed out to the fact that companies often overburden their sales departments with unrealistic sales targets for achieving financial success. Companies often perceive that by setting sales targets as high as possible, they would be able to stretch sales team’s efforts to the maximum (Zoltners et al., 2011).   Read more »

Trade relationship management (TRM)

Trade relationship management (TRM)There was a time when markets were controlled solely by the demand-supply mechanism. The only humans who could influence the market were the sellers (Panwar, 2001). Things have however changed over time. Read more »

Proofread your thesis or dissertation before you submit it

Thesis or dissertation forms an integral part of most of the doctorate and post-graduate academic programs. The basic idea behind asking a student to write a thesis or dissertation lies in checking his or her ability to apply the theory that have been imparted as part of the course program. Read more »

Importance of CRM during recession

In today’s market scenario, it won’t be wrong to say that ‘customers are the king.’ Customers control the markets today and therefore the companies are focusing on enhancing customer satisfaction by every possible means. The complete marketing mix is customized according to the target customers. Read more »

Art therapy in the corporate scenario

Art therapy represents an integration of art with the medical science. Art therapy or ‘Therapeutic Art’ as it is often called refers to the use of art for therapeutic purposes. The basic idea behind art therapy is to heal patients through the employment of art. Read more »

Conflict management in virtual organizations

Over time, there has been a substantial change in the structure and size of businesses. The businesses have grown in their sizes and the traditional simple organizational structures do not exist anymore. Today’s businesses run into a hyper-competitive market environment and the human resources are considered to be the assets for winning competitive advantage. Read more »

A contemporary approach to new product development

New product development is an integral part of all businesses today. The markets are dynamic, competition is fierce and the consumers are highly aware; all these factors compel businesses to keep offering something new and more advanced to their target markets. But New Product Development (NPD) is not that easy. There are high costs and risks to failure involved in NPD. Read more »

Corporate restructuring at Hewlett-Packard

Hewlett-Packard Company, commonly known as HP is an American MNC (multi-national company)  and among the world’s leading manufacturer of computers. The company caters to both the business as well as final consumers with its wide range of laptops, personal computers, printers, monitors, electronics, and computer accessories. Read more »

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