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Impact of aging population on the economy

A recent article in the reputed daily ‘The Economic Times’ claimed that the life expectancy (LE) ratio in India has improved over recent years. Where males are living for 15 more years, the total life span for females has increased by around 18 years between 1970 and 2010. Read more »

CEO succession planning

Rising global attrition rate of CEOs has put a pressure on the firms to think about this issue on a priority basis. According to a recent study conducted by Booz & Company, the CEO turnover currently stands at 14.2% globally which is 2.6% higher than that existed in 2010. Read more »

Attrition at CEO level

Attrition refers to the departure of employees from an organization by means of either retirement, death, resignation or termination. Though high attrition rates pose a threat to the competitiveness of the organization, it is also a misconception that zero attrition is a symbol of organizational well-being. Read more »

Compensation management during recession

During an economic downturn or recession, one of the most severe challenges that human resource managers face relates to designing the employees’ compensation structure. A structure that will serve the needs of both the employees as well as the organization. Read more »

Changing profile of the Indian consumers

Owing to its large population size and growing disposable incomes, India offers a profitable investment opportunity to the marketers across the world. Today’s marketing is consumer-oriented and therefore the global marketers need to understand Indian consumers if they want to successfully harness this opportunity. Read more »

Human resource strategies to adopt during a recession

Business cycles always pose a major challenge for business organizations, especially recession. The focus is laid on cost-cutting and restricting the business activities to a few defined lines. Major layoffs are targeted and innovation gets a backseat in the organization. There is widespread dissatisfaction among employees and the attrition rates go up. Read more »

Strategies to manage demand supply imbalance in tourism

Strategies to manage demand-supply imbalance in tourismTourism is a seasonal industry and there are many factors that contribute to this seasonality. Not only does the environment of the host nation, but the policies of the host Government and several other factors work together for this seasonality in the industry. Read more »

Opportunities and challenges of virtual organizations

Maintaining work-life balance is a serious challenge today for professionals in almost every sphere of organizational activities. The organizations are considering this issue on a priority basis as it is supposed to reduce attrition remarkably. Read more »

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