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Challenge of demand forecasting in tourism

Forecasting the demand in tourism industry and maintaining a proper demand-supply balance is a major challenge.  There is no doubt about tourism being an industry of economic, social and cultural importance for the world economy. Tourism connects people from one corner of the globe to the others. The exchanges that take place among nationals of different countries act as a great source of mutual advantage. Read more »

Indian retail industry: past, present and future

Indian retail industry: past, present and futureIndia has been ranked as the fifth most preferred destinations for retail investments. The growing urbanization, changing demographics, increasing per capita and disposable incomes, liberal regulatory norms and improved technological environment in the country have contributed significantly to making India as one of the most lucrative retail markets. Read more »

Natural disasters: Act of God or man?

Natural disasters have always devastated human lives miserably. Be it an earthquake, hurricane, flood, tsunami or any other kind. The human life in the worse affected area reaches to a zero. Almost everything from  food, clothing and shelter to the luxuries are to be restored from scratch. Read more »

An overview of the Indian power sector

Overview of the Indian power sectorPower sector is the base of economic growth in a country. It acts as the index of economic health of the country. India is one of the fastest growing economies across the globe and has the second largest population in the world. As such India shows lot of potential for the growth of power sector (RNCOS, 2011). Read more »

Power theft in India

Power theft in IndiaThe development of power sector of a nation is closely linked to the overall economic growth of the nation. The importance of the power sector can therefore never be underestimated. India being a developing nation has, even more, to expect from this sector. Read more »

Importance of work life balance in retail industry

We all get fascinated by the retailers’ generosity when they announce heavy discounts on various festivals.  Be it Diwali or Holi, Independence Day or Republic Day. The retailers especially in the organized sector give us another reason to shop. Read more »

New product development at Apple

The recent launches of Apple iPhone 5 in selected countries across the globe have been welcomed with mixed expressions. The customers are happy about the product features like its appearance and design, the high-speed internet connectivity, the long-lasting battery life and the large number of applications; but at the same time the company’s new mapping software proved to be a great failure. Read more »

Human resource challenges in the retail industry

Human resource challenges in the retail industryRetail is one of the fastest growing industries across the globe and offers livelihood to millions. Human resources occupy a significant place in the growth of the retail industry. Read more »

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