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Difference between traditional data and big data

It has become important to create a new platform to fulfill the demand of organizations due to the challenges faced by traditional data. By leveraging the talent and collaborative efforts of the people and the resources, innovation in terms of managing massive amount of data has become tedious job for organisations. This can be fulfilled by implementing big data and its tools which are capable to store, analyze and process large amount of data at a very fast pace as compared to traditional data processing systems (Picciano 2012). Big data has become a big game changer in today’s world. The major difference between traditional data and big data are discussed below. Read more »

Understanding big data and its importance

Complex or massive data sets which are quite impractical to be managed using the traditional database system and software tools are referred to as big data. Big data is utilized by organizations in one or another way. It is the technology which possibly realizes big data’s value. It is the voluminous amount of both multi-structured as well unstructured data. Unstructured data is the one that is not organized and thereby cannot be interpreted by using a software or traditional database (Sawant & Shah 2013). Read more »

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