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Risk management techniques adopted by small scale microfinance institutions in India

In the previous article, the author reviewed the need for credit risk management in microfinance institutions. Small scale microfinance institutions constitute a sizeable chunk of the entire microfinance industry in India. Owing to the large amount of credit risk faced by microfinance institutions today, the numbers of approaches and techniques have been devised by them in order to mitigate the risk pertaining to the failure of repayment by the customers. Read more »

The need for credit risk management in micro finance institutions

Micro finance institutions operate in the economy with the ultimate objective to serve the financially poor section of the society, by providing them with financial support and credit services (Luyirika, 2010). However, their objective of financial stability and their long term viability can’t be overlooked. Very often, the task of managing both the purposes becomes a bothered grindstone for such micro finance institutions. Read more »

Trends of foreign direct investment in India

Foreign direct investment in India is the most influential financial resource especially for the emerging sectors. Foreign direct investment helps in exploiting wide range of opportunities and utilizing the same to attain the desired level of development in the nation (Gola, Dharwal, & Agarwal, 2013). The world economy including both the developed countries  and  other emerging countries are facing some varying trends of foreign direct investment in the recent years. Read more »

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