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Role of HR managers in reducing employee turnover

Employee turnover is defined as voluntary leaving of connections in an organization and is regarded as a type of removal from office. Kaplan and Minton (2012) define turnover as internal and external types. In such a definition, takeovers, bankruptcies are also considered as external turnovers.  This is a significant extension and development of the definition of turnover. 

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Impact of product characteristics on the online shopping behaviour

The aim of this article is to determine the impact of product characteristics on the online shopping behaviour of generation Z and millennials. The conceptual framework framed through literature review identified four main factors affecting online shopping decisions:

  • Personal characteristics
  • Product characteristics
  • Website characteristics
  • Demographic profile
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An overview of the UAE’s Oil and Gas Production Companies (OPCO)

For the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the rapid transformation from a dry and economically underdeveloped country to the rich and economically developed country came with the discovery of oil in the 1950s. The country’s first commercial oil reserve was discovered onshore in the Bab-2 well and offshore at Umm Shaif, and the first oil refinery opened in 1976 in Umm al-Nar, in Abu Dhabi, with the capacity of producing more than 15,000 barrels per day (IBP Inc., 2014; OPEC, 2015). In the initial stage, like any other industry, the Oil and Gas Production Companies (OPCO) of the UAE also suffered disadvantages like the infrastructure and management inefficiency.

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How to write the theoretical framework of the research?

Many would not know that the lack of a well-defined theoretical framework can be an important reason for the failure of research. A research study aims to explore the unexplored or under-explored aspects of a subject. This assesses the researcher’s understanding and application of the different theoretical concepts. A generic layout or structure is followed by the researchers which guide them in the accomplishment of the research objectives. While some elements of the layout are common and appear in every research, there are others often missed out by the researchers.

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Impact of FDI inflows on the electrical conductivity in the rivers of India

Electrical conductivity is an important indicator of water pollution. It represents the water’s ability to have electric current i.e. the amount of ionic content present in the water. As electrical conductivity represents the potability of water, thus it helps in indicating the fitness of water for consumption by humans and animals. A level of 1000 μmhos/cm is suitable for surface area and 2500 μmhos/cm for drinking purposes. Presence of conductivity higher than the above-stated level categories pollutes the water.

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How to write the rationale of a study?

The rationale is written to describe the reasons for any study or research. It proffers a problem with apt solutions. It is a vital portion of any research as it explains the novelty and significance. It justifies the idea behind the research and is also called justification of the study. The rationale is formed around the background of the study. All prior data present on the topic is presented to identify the gaps present in the literature. Rationale sets the tone and ideas of the study.

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UAE’s readiness for knowledge creation and innovation

In modern days, innovation and knowledge creation have become crucial for organizations that intend to float successfully in the competitive world. Innovations involve coming up with different thoughts and creativity that brings changes and development in its application. Through innovation, products, services, processes, organizations, and institutions can be defined (Schilirò, 2015).

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Creating an innovation environment in the UAE through Vision 2021

Since the foundation of the UAE in 1971, the Emirates has been a distinguished icon for bringing innovation and creativity, trying to enhance their social and economic status, and transforming primary destinations for talents and businesses. Since the country believes that ‘innovation’ is the future for human investment, the UAE leader has been emphasizing this element across all sectors. With the onset of ‘Vision 2021’, the country has been emphasizing growth in all public and private sectors, and in government entities.

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