Impact of demographic factors on online buying behaviour

Consumer behaviour explains the attitudes, intentions and preferences of the consumer prior to their buying which has been closely monitored and exploited by the e-commerce businesses (Akkucuk & Esmaeili, 2016). Online buying behaviour is influenced by multiple factors which depend on consumer needs and their immediate necessities. The difference in online purchase decision on the […]

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Internal and external factors influencing online purchase decision

Online purchase decision is highly influenced by internal and external factors (Zhang et al., 2013). Internal factors reflect one’s personal traits and experiences which impact their decision-making approach towards online buying and even leads to impulsive buying. On the other hand, external factors are more controlled by the nature of the products or services, recommendation […]

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The capacity of the Indian education system to adopt new technology

In the Indian education system, assessment lays impact on the scholastic aspects and nearly ignores the co-scholastic areas. The actual potential of the student is often neglected. With the advancement in technology, education delivery systems and assessment is driving quality student learning, progress and performance at higher and higher secondary levels (Brush, 1999). EdTech provides […]