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Arguments every academic writer is sick of hearing

If I had a dime for every time i heard any of the below things, i’d own a bank today. Even after having years of practice as an academic writer, you will find it hard to maintain composure to some common requests of your employer. Read more »

The importance of correct grammar in research writing


Recently, we had a customer who faced a grave problem with his research. His supervisor kept demanding corrections and he had no clue why. He had all the right data but his supervisor’s displeasure became so apparent that he decided that perhaps he wasn’t cut out for a PhD after all. Never mind all the time, money and effort he invested in the research. He approached us as a last resort before giving up on his research paper. He sent us his document for proof-reading. We took a look at his document and told him what he needed to know: it was unsalvageable. The reason -Inappropriate grammar. Read more »

Has Dunkin Donuts failed in India?

Dunkin Donuts brand is owned by Dunkin Brands Group which is a well known pioneering brand of quick service restaurants. It has more than 18000 points of distribution in the world with presence in more than 60 countries (Dunkin Donuts, 2014). Read more »

Two independent samples t-test

The independent two-sample t-test is used to test whether population means are significantly different from each other. Independent samples are randomly drawn using the means. Read more »

Reliability Test in SPSS using Cronbach Alpha

Cronbach Alpha is a reliability test conducted within SPSS in order to measure the internal consistency i.e. reliability of the measuring instrument (Questionnaire). Read more »

One way ANOVA test in SPSS

ANOVA or Analysis of Variance is conducted to determine the significant differences between the means of three or more independent variables. Specifically, this test is conducted to test Null hypothesis. Read more »

Interpretation of factor analysis using SPSS

We have already discussed about factor analysis in the previous article (Factor Analysis using SPSS), and how it should be conducted using SPSS. In this article we will be discussing about how output of Factor analysis can be interpreted. Read more »

Factor analysis using SPSS

Factor analysis is used to find factors among observed variables. In other words, if your data contains many variables, you can use factor analysis to reduce the number of variables. Read more »

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