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Review of “Drinking Alone With The Moon” by Li Bai

“Drinking Alone under the Moon” is one of Li Bai’s signature poetries which deal with the ancient social custom of drinking. It is deemed to be a big social faux pas if one drinks alone. In this particular poem, the egoistic poet speaker creates his own companions: the moon and his shadow, but both seem reluctant companions and what the poem leaves you with is a sense of despair and deep set loneliness (Columbia Education, 2014). Read more »

Paired sample T-test

A paired sample t-test is used to determine whether there is a significant difference between the average values of the same measurement made under two different conditions. Both measurements are made on each unit in a sample, and the test is based on the difference between these two values. Read more »

New methods to improve academic writing skills

You must be aware that universities around the world are becoming stricter by the day about the quality of student assignments and dissertations/ theses. Consequently the rules of academic writing are changing too. Read more »

T-test using SPSS

When using this statistical test, you are testing the null hypothesis that 2 population means (average) are equal.  The alternative hypothesis is that they are not equal.  There are 3 different ways; One sample T-Test, Paired sample T-test and 2-sample T-tests to go about this, depending on how the data were obtained. Read more »

Frequency analysis with SPSS

In my previous article “Introducing Data” we discussed about importing files and creation of data sheet in SPSS.  Moving further, in this article I will be discussing about the most basic technique which can be applied within SPSS i.e. Frequency Testing. Read more »

Cross tabulation in SPSS

A cross-tabulation is a joint frequency distribution of cases based on two or more categorical variables. Read more »

Selecting cases for analysis in SPSS

When researcher needs to perform selective analysis (for example, your research aim is to find out gender-based preferences for Lux soap. After you finish your survey, you may choose to do 2 separate analyses in SPSS: first of all males, then of all female respondents), then this command is used, i.e. selecting cases for analysis. Read more »

Marketing failure of McDonalds in Bolivia

McDonalds failure in Bolivia as believed by marketing analysts across the world, was natural. Though it sounds unbelievable and surprising for many across the globe. McDonalds management was almost certain about the failure as their finest promotional campaign, both in electronic and print media failed to yield any result. Read more »

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