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Breaking the code of writing a research paper

Research paper writing is a challenging task. You have to deal with criticism as sportingly as you accept compliments. Writing a research paper is not like bulk content writing or general promotional or blog writing. Read more »

The increasing use of mobile application as a marketing tool

The widespread use of mobile phones and mobile applications has had a remarkable impact on aesthetic, social, economic and health aspects of life. Usage of mobile phones have resulted into a positive influence on human life. Mobile phones are the main communication tool in every aspect of business from service sector, industries and transport (Kim & Kim 2011). Read more »

Seeking professional help for your research

Even though the research papers we write are original, we understand that submitting a ready made paper to your university is akin to plagiarism. Therefore we discourage cheating or fraudulent activities on the part of our clients. We only provide professional help to our clients. We encourage our clients to use them as reference papers. By “reference papers” we mean study material like any other. For example review papers, books and reports which will help you get one step closer to your study aim. The papers are designed to reduce your inputs in terms of time and efforts and widening your knowledge of the subject. These reference papers can be used as a tool to sharpen your analysis and eliminate any deficiencies or inaccuracies in your understanding of the study. Read more »

How will “President Trump” affect India?

Donald Trump, a well-known American real estate businessman, author and politician declared his candidature for the American Presidential election on June 16, 2015. A hard-core Republican by nature, Trump made a strategic move against the immigration policy of the United States of America by demanding a hike in the minimum wage paid to the H1B visa holders. Read more »

Removal of economic sanctions against Iran will crush ISIS

Earlier this month Obama-led America shocked the world with the removal of economic sanctions against Iran, ending a 36-year old feud between the two nations. What started as a diplomatic failure on the part of Iran in 1979 quickly spiraled out of control after Iran announced its plans to become a nuclear power with the construction of uranium-enrichment centrifuges in secret facilities throughout the 1980s (USIP, n.d.).

Read more »

Notable works on post partition India

Literary works on post partition India generally deal with people’s experience during the period following the partition of India and Pakistan. The period following partition was a period of great suffering, trauma, sacrifice and adjustment. People were trying to build their life anew but the experience of partition haunted them. Read more »

Good performing firms have better corporate governance

Corporate governance refers to the administration of corporations. One of the broadest definitions of the term was used by Sir Adrian Cadbury, head of the Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance in the United Kingdom: “Corporate governance is the system by which companies are directed and controlled”(Cadbury Committee, 1992). Read more »

How to become a professional academic writer?

The meaning of ‘academic writing’ is simple; writing of academic assignments and projects like reports, essays, journal papers, theses and dissertations. Outsourcing academic projects is a worldwide industry today. Read more »

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