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Luxury brand market in India

Luxury brand market in IndiaFashion is a symbol of society and has continuously been influenced by historical, social, traditional, religious, political, economic, psychological and more recently technological changes (Welters and Lillethun, 2011). Read more »

Knowledge management cycle

Knowledge is a key to success. Knowledge management is one of the most important activities that an organization has to adapt (Davidson & Voss, 2002). The following figure shows the knowledge management cycle. Read more »

Strategies to emerge as a leader in the market

The following are some of the strategies that multinational corporations in India can adopt in order to improve their brand image in the international market and become a world player (Daft and Lane, 2009) Read more »

Difficulties faced by Indian firms in a global market

The following are the challenges encountered by Indian multinational enterprises in going global (Sreenivas, 2006): Read more »

HCM as strategic role player in organization

Human capital management is the significant revolutionized strategy in present business contexts (Archer, 2002). The strategy of human capital management cannot be initiated regularly but can only be initiated with perfect expertise of minds and carrying out their research continuously. Read more »

History of Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is as old as the evolution of business itself even though the concept was not formulated formally until presently. Raad (2005) describes that corporate social responsibility is not a new topic. Read more »

Engaging employees to take part in CSR activities

It is not only important for organizations to formulate CSR strategies but also important to make them to be adapted by their employees. The human resource department and corporate social responsibility are closely interrelated with each other (Sharma, Sharma and Devi, 2009). Read more »

How does Timond advertise its products?

Time never lies. Like a beating heart it chronicles and the yesteryear, today and the moments to come. At Timond the watches are developed greatly, the rhythmic countdown to whatever is to be, the preserver of seasons that has withered, arrived and charmed. Read more »

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