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Employee engagement and its importance

Employees play a big role towards smooth operations and growth of an organization, which makes them an important asset to the organization (Vos 2009). It’s important for organizations to interact and understand its employee’s needs so as to keep them happy so that they give their 100% at work. Gone are the Days when Employees were looked at merely as a part of a machine and all of their demands for a better work place were neglected. Read more »

Renewable energy and its development in South Africa

Renewable energy and its development South AfricaPressure to develop sustainable sources of renewable energy is on the rise. South Africa is at the forefront of developing and perfecting several forms of renewable energy (EDKIN 2010). this is due to the increasing cost of fossil fuel resulting in increased energy costs as well as the rapidly changing climatic conditions. Read more »

Indian companies and their presence in South Africa

South Africa was plagued by the apartheid rule for 46 years but during this rule the country emerged as one of the strongest economy in Africa. Today South Africa has become an investor’s haven with companies from across the globe looking to invest in the country (SAMBP 2009). Read more »

Achieving management success through good leadership

There are many books, such as the age of unreason, Built to last: success habits of visionary companies and the innovators dilemma among more which discuss management mantras and success stories. Every successful business leader has a great story  to tell. Read more »

Concerns and measures to help combat unemployment in South Africa

Concerns and measures to help combat unemployment in South AfricaSouth Africa prides itself for having the strongest and most stable economy in Africa.  Industry, manufacturing, mining, agriculture and tourism all play an important role towards the countries’ economies growth and creation of jobs. Read more »

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