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Human and Societal values in the writings of modern Indian writers in English

Modern English writing by Indian authors has truly come of age. They have won accolades at home and abroad equally. As a result, we have now a score of Indian writers who regularly publish their own compositions in English, be they poetry, short stories or novels. Read more »

How to prepare the conclusion of your research paper?

Everyone who is writing a research paper whether one is an undergraduate, masters or PhD, usually faces problems while writing the conclusion. The main objective of writing a conclusion is to confirm that the given research project has accomplished its goal. Read more »

Corporate social responsibility in private sector

The word “corporate” at the very outset synchronizes with the “business world” and India being a country of 1.21 billion population offers a vast field for their exponential development. Read more »

Structural analysis of amines

Amines are broadly classified as aliphatic and aromatic amines. Aliphatic amines are further classified as primary (1º), secondary (2º) and tertiary (3º), based on the number of organic groups attached to the Nitrogen atom. Read more »

Efficient solid waste management system

Solid waste management is the process by which solid waste is collected, segregated, transported, processed, recycled or disposed of, and finally monitored in such a way that it is least harmful to health and the environment. Read more »

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