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Logo could be defined as a “Symbol or small design adopted by an organization to identify its product.” Since logo acts as an identity tag for any brand it is very important that research is done before designing a logo. First impression about the company is build with the logo and the tagline. A good logo should be distinctive and unique so that it could be identified even from faraway distance (Mekkaoui, 2010).

While designing a logo, proper detailing is done in terms of typography, color, shape, and scale. Typography: Depending on the target audience and top competitors one can decide what kind of fonts should be used.

Color: The color plays a huge role in designing a logo. Though there is no general rule as to what color should be picked but, colors like blue, grey and white are favored corporate colors and have calming effect, while red, yellow and green are more glamorous colors generally used by food chains and sports gear brands.

Shape: Modifying boxes and circles bring the most common shapes adopted by most of the brands. Some brands even use letters and symbols.

Scale: Since a brand has to be advertised on large scale as well as printed as small as an inch on the letter heads it has to be designed in such a way that it is clearly visible. One can use vectors or gradients to avoid extra and unnecessary points.

A logo has a strong impact on how a brand is perceived in the market. It makes a strong impact on the customer’s memory and help them recognize.

The ways in which brand logo impacts the target audience are (Just Creative Design, 2011):

  1. An attractive looking logo helps increase followers more than a logo which is dull and doesn’t look reliable and trustworthy.
  2. A brand logo also increases perception of one’s business size and as it make the company look professional and bigger than what it actually is.
  3. Since many people have photographic memory, remembering a brand is by its logo is far easier than reading or hearing about it.
  4. If the overall design of the logo is youthful with respect to logo’s font, color or shape the customers would be happy to be associated with the brand.
  5. The logo defines the brand thus it helps to communicate the story of a product on offer.
  6. Finally, a well designed logo shows that the company is professional and can be trusted.



Shruti Datt

Shruti Datt

Project Handler at Project Guru
Shruti is B-Tech & M-Tech in Biotechnology. Some of her strengths include, Good interpersonal skills, eye for detail, well devised analytical and decision making skills and a positive attitude towards life. Her aim in life is to obtain a responsible and challenging position where her education and work experience will have valuable application.
She is a true Piscean. She loves doing things to perfection with passion. She is very creative and likes to make personalized gifts for her dear ones, this is actually something that keeps her going. Shruti loves adventure sports and likes river rafting and cliff jumping.
Shruti Datt

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