Importance of resource based view

Company operates with two components i.e. resources and products or service which in turn are derived from resources only (Alvarez & Busenitz 2007). As per the resource based view, firm’s resources can be considered determinant of competitive advantage and performance within the firm (Barney et al. 2001; Barney & Mackey 2005). Read more »

The changing role of CEO

Various studies conducted on CEO attrition confirm that the shelf life of a CEO is on a decline (ET Bureau, 2011). The cut-throat competition has reduced the patience level of firms and even a small mistake on part of the CEO may lead to the departure of the CEO. Read more »

Corporate entrepreneurship for innovation and adaptation

Entrepreneurs are ordinary people who do extraordinary things” -Morris et al.

This simple statement actually has a deeper meaning which still remains mostly unexplored in the literature and more specifically in real life understanding and application in the corporate arena. Entrepreneurship is often conceived in a very narrow sense as the start-up of a new business (Morris et al., 2011). Read more »

Achieving management success through good leadership

There are many books, such as the age of unreason, Built to last: success habits of visionary companies and the innovators dilemma among more which discuss management mantras and success stories. Every successful business leader has a great story  to tell. Read more »

How do organizations manage knowledge?

Pan and Scarbrough (1999 p362) say that, “tacit knowledge is not available as a text. It involves intangible factors embedded in personal beliefs, experiences, and values. “Blumentitt et al (1999) contend that information can be captured and stored in digital form whereas tacit knowledge repositories reside only in intelligent systems that are within individuals. Read more »

Remedies for professional fatigue

While my previous articles (Reasons behind professional fatigue & Results of professional fatigue) detailed the concept of professional fatigue along with informing about the major causes and results of professional fatigue, this article is an attempt to focus upon a few remedies for professional fatigue. Read more »

Reasons behind professional fatigue

Professional fatigue is common but one of the most severe human resource challenges today. Fatigue basically means physical or mental exhaustion that stops an individual from working normally (Queensland Government, 2013). Read more »

Opportunities and challenges of virtual organizations

Maintaining work-life balance is a serious challenge today for professionals in almost every sphere of organizational activities. The organizations are considering this issue on a priority basis as it is supposed to reduce attrition remarkably. Read more »

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