Kids reality shows: The realities behind

The Indian television industry has come a long way from the age of family dramas like Hum Log and mythological epics like Ramayana, to serving its audiences with never-ending emotional dramas of Ekta Kapoor. Today the Indian television has entered a new phase which is called the ‘reality television.’

Attrition: The truth behind the figures

Attrition is one of the most discussed issues in today’s corporate scenario. Whenever I come across any news related to attrition, the two facts that draw my immediate attention are that ‘attrition is bad’ and ‘attrition rate is on a hike and reached x%’. But somehow I always find both these facts partial and misleading.


Is brand marketing and promotions deteriorating?

Today we are surrounded with millions of products around us and receive not millions but thousands of messages about different products. So how are organizations able to create a space between their branded products and the no-name products (these are the products that you see for the first time on the shelf).


Is advertising worth a business?

Does Expensive marketing really help companies acquire the desired number of customers? Marketing is getting costlier. But in this mainstream of MNC giants like Nokia and Unilever is going gaga over advertising, a big question arises, is it worth the bucks?