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Renewable energy and its development in South Africa

Renewable energy and its development South AfricaPressure to develop sustainable sources of renewable energy is on the rise. South Africa is at the forefront of developing and perfecting several forms of renewable energy (EDKIN 2010). this is due to the increasing cost of fossil fuel resulting in increased energy costs as well as the rapidly changing climatic conditions. Read more »

Role and importance of CSR in marketing

Today, companies are compelled to accommodate social activities in their marketing strategy. They are eagerly active in environmental welfare along with the implied economic prosperity. Companies today believe that they are viewed as corporate citizens. Consumers are very strong opinionated about social and environmental initiatives and tend to base their purchase decision on it. Read more »

Is Apple Inc. really a responsible corporate citizen?

Apple Inc., the world leader in computers enjoys the status of being a premium and a trusted brand across the globe. The company is well aware of the social aspects of a business and therefore corporate social responsibility (CSR) is given due importance in the company. Read more »

History of Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is as old as the evolution of business itself even though the concept was not formulated formally until presently. Raad (2005) describes that corporate social responsibility is not a new topic. Read more »

Engaging employees to take part in CSR activities

It is not only important for organizations to formulate CSR strategies but also important to make them to be adapted by their employees. The human resource department and corporate social responsibility are closely interrelated with each other (Sharma, Sharma and Devi, 2009). Read more »

Need for Corporate social responsibility in organizations

Corporate social responsibility practices make employees stay for a longer period of time by lowering down the costs and disruption of retraining and recruitment (Haynes and Nunnington, 2010, p 203). Read more »

The role of human resources department in propagating CSR values within organization

Human resource department is to help the organization in achieving their goals and supporting them towards their continued growth. Human resource department is responsible for integrating all the organizations’ values and propagating the same the employees working in an organization. Read more »

Why should corporate social responsibility be made mandatory?

Global businesses have significant technological and managerial capabilities and have the potential to transform the society and contribute to social welfare (Lea, 2002). For this to come about, as it can be argued, firms ought to direct their capabilities at societal value creation rather than value appropriation. Read more »

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