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The role of human resources department in propagating CSR values within organization

Human resource department is to help the organization in achieving their goals and supporting them towards their continued growth. Human resource department is responsible for integrating all the organizations’ values and propagating the same the employees working in an organization. Read more »

Why should corporate social responsibility be made mandatory?

Global businesses have significant technological and managerial capabilities and have the potential to transform the society and contribute to social welfare (Lea, 2002). For this to come about, as it can be argued, firms ought to direct their capabilities at societal value creation rather than value appropriation. Read more »

Evolution of corporate social responsibility

The historical evolution of the CSR can be classified into different periods (Johnson, 2010). There is the earlier period in the CSR evolution followed by the development of unique trends in the 1970s. The 1970s trends are followed by the shifts that existed during the 1990s (Matten and Moon, 2005). Read more »

CSR practices at Tesco, UK

TESCO is the biggest supermarket in UK and is the 4th biggest retailer in the whole world after Carrefour, Home Depot and Wal-Mart and the world’s biggest online grocery retailer. Read more »

Challenges pertaining to implementing CSR in hospitality industry

Challenges pertaining to implementing CSR in hospitality industryThough hotel chains have been exhibiting concern towards environment for decades, the labor problems make it very difficult for hotels to implement the same. These consist of skills needs, women’s rights, fair wages, collective bargaining and capability to join trade unions. Read more »

Theories of CSR

The present practice of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been depicted and informed by three CSR theories:

  1. The stakeholder theory of CSR.
  2. The business ethics theory of CSR.
  3. And the shareholder value theory of CSR.

Read more »

CSR at Copthorne Tara

Copthorne Tara is one of the most famous hotels in London with a four star rating. The hotel situated at Kensington is a proud owner of more than eight hundred bedrooms whose climate could be controlled. Read more »

CSR practices at ASDA, UK

ASDA was established by a group of farmers from Yorkshire (McGuire, 1988). ASDA is the 2nd biggest food market chain after TESCO in UK. Presently ASDA operates with around 265 stores in United Kingdom ranking second top in the United Kingdom’s food retailers list. Read more »

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