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Impact of global warming on India’s agriculture

In the twenty first century, global warming has become an issue of high concern among most countries in the world.  Not even a single day is passed without hearing news such as farmers committing suicide because of meteorological drought or people being displaced by flood or heavy rainfall in a particular region. Read more »

Carbon sequestration to prevent global warming

Global warming has been a trending topic in the last two decades. Many people have blamed it on the recent climate change. Global warming is defined as the gradual increase in the overall temperatures on the earth’s atmosphere (Peters, Andrew, & Boden, 2013). It is caused by increased release of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons and other pollutants in the air. Read more »

Economic growth at the cost of environment: A case of Mahan coal block

The current NDA government (2015) under the leadership of Narendra Modi made promises that will place India on a strong foot internationally and the environment is one of them. The Prime Minister in his Independence day speech spoke about “zero defect, zero effect” policy, referring to industrial effects on the environment (Indian Express 2015). Read more »

Eco tourism in Ghana

Ghana is a part of the African continent and is referred to as mother nature’s delight. Its enchanting wildlife, natural species, subtropical climate all add to its charm as a tourist  nation. Read more »

Green marketing in India

According to the American Marketing Association, green marketing is the marketing of products or goods that are supposedly believed to be environmentally safe. Green Marketing is also alternatively termed as environmental marketing or ecological marketing. Read more »

Montreal Protocol in eliminating ODS

The Montreal Protocol signed in the 1987 is one of the most successful international treaties addressing the problems created by chlorofluorocarbons to the stratospheric ozone layer of the earth [Energyprobe, Website]. Read more »

Population control policies

Population explosion is defined as a condition where the number of living beings in a habitat exceeds the holding capacity of the habitat [Kennedy K, 1997]. Similar to a bowl containing water overflowing when the number of droplets of water exceeds the capacity of the bowl. Population explosion caused especially due to the increase in number of human lives results in numerous problems to the society. Read more »

Acid rain

The term acid rain refers to the process of deposition or precipitation of hydrogen ions with a pH value below 5.0, in the atmosphere. These acidic substances are produced by the pollutants on the earth that are airborne. Read more »

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