Neoclassical approaches to household decision making

The traditional neoclassical economic approaches to household decision making leaves no room for analyzing conflict between men and women. Read more »

What is trade liberalization?

The evolution of trade between nations has been a colorful and long one, which was punctuated by wars and a vast number of changes in beliefs about the trade. Because of the economic impact that trade has often had on governments, civilizations often become involved in trade with the goal to produce a specific economic outcome for the countries (McCulloch N, 2001). Read more »

German and European monetary union

The EMS (European Monetary System) came into existence in the year 1979, based on a Resolution that was passed on 5th December 1978 by the European Council. Read more »

International Finance

Sources of External Finance :- The main sources of external Finance for the developing countries could  be classified on the following broad heads :- Read more »

Foreign direct policy in India

Reforms in trade, industrial and foreign direct investment policy were a central focus of India’s economic reforms in the early stages since 1991. However, their expected effects have not been fully achieved. Read more »

International Financial Institutions

After world war – II  IMF & World Bank was created to cope with the restoration of economy of countries suffered from war. IMF role is to monitor and has a supervisory role to play and create greater co-operation among member countries. Read more »

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