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Derivatives on a global platform and in India

Derivatives have been an old financial instrument in India, finding its roots in agricultural commodities trading. The first recorded derivatives contract, according to Chakrabarti and De (2010) took place in 1875 on a cottons exchange. Read more »

Concept of ‘Credit Rating’

Money plays critical role in human life. It is not only a means to attain basic necessities of life but also a means to secure the future. Over time, human life has become complex and it is essential to earn not only for the present but also to invest for the future. Read more »

Human Issues in Merger & Acquisition (M&A)

Globalization and stiff competition in the marketplace has made business firms vulnerable to failure. There is greater integration of world economies and as a response the firms also need an integrated effort to perform in the competition. Thus, increasing numbers of firms are getting into merger and acquisition. Read more »

Why Firms engage in Merger & Acquisition (M&A)

Mergers and acquisitions have been ruling the business pages of newspapers since the recent past. The firms are increasingly signing M&A deals but earlier such deals were signed without much analysis with huge expectations of mutual success, but now the cons are also considered before getting into this. Read more »

Background of India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited

IIFC group was established with the motive to develop the company economy under the leadership of Dr. Rakesh Mohan in 1994. The group is intended to carry a review process on long term funds made available to maintain the infrastructure products efficiently. Read more »

Characteristics of infrastructure financing projects

In order to compete with other nations in the world India needs to improve its standards of constructing perfect infrastructure possessions. In order to host such possessions there needs to be a large amount of investment in every area of infrastructure development such as rails, roads, ports, buildings, etc (Ramachandran, 2007). Read more »

Debt substitution at L&T infrastructure finance company limited

Debt is referred to the amount of monetary assets like money borrowed by third party. In order to make enormous purchases many organizations today are using debt as a perfect source of usage (Lewis and Davis, 1987). Read more »

Funding structure at L&T infrastructure finance company limited

L&T group consider funding structure as the primitive process which essentially guides them to allot the funds according to the projects which are about to liberate under their segments (Sorn 2006). Read more »

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