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Microfinance in India

Mircofinance has become an indispensible part of India’s economy. The financial needs of India’s rural areas reflect the volatile, uncertain, and irrelgular income streams and expenditure patterns. Read more »

Portfolio Management of a Project

In the recent trends of project management includes the portfolio management of project. The portfolio management of project is a movement by the organization to control the project to evaluate how well the projects will align with the goals of the strategy and quantify its value. Read more »

Situation of SMEs in China

Whilst studying the lending and the changing structure of the banking industry, Strahan and Weston (1998) find that SMEs get reduced of financing in the case large size banks forms merger or acquisition, whereas in the case forming merger or acquisition by small scale banks financing increases for the SMEs. Read more »

Tools for managing cash flow

Management of Cash Flow requires certain tools that ensure easily access and modification of data. Many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications and business accounting include such cash flow management tools amongst a range of other financial management applications. Read more »

Components to be considered in the development of a Cash Flow Forecast

Development of Cash Forecasting Procedures: Cash forecasting procedures need to be developed so that the most recent data about account receivable and accounts payable is reflected in the cash forecast and that they are accurate to the maximum possible extent. Read more »

Different types of self esteem

Self esteem may be defined simply as favorable or unfavorable attitude towards self (Rosenberg, 1965). Self esteem can also be defined as the perception of self worth, or the extent to which a person values, prizes, or appreciates the self (Blascovich & Tomaka, 1991). Any individual could have only two kinds of self-esteem (Robins, Hendin, & Trzesniewski, 2001). Read more »

Personality factors influencing risk-tolerance

In 1998, Wong and Carducci investigated the extent of which personality factors could determine financial risk taking in everyday money matters. Read more »

Strategies behind Cash Flow Management

Many businesses evidently have noted that cash flow is a big obstacle to the success of their business. Lack of cash in hand tends to weaken a business and sometime, leads to its dissolution. Read more »

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