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Different types of self esteem

Self esteem may be defined simply as favorable or unfavorable attitude towards self (Rosenberg, 1965). Self esteem can also be defined as the perception of self worth, or the extent to which a person values, prizes, or appreciates the self (Blascovich & Tomaka, 1991). Any individual could have only two kinds of self-esteem (Robins, Hendin, & Trzesniewski, 2001). Read more »

Personality factors influencing risk-tolerance

In 1998, Wong and Carducci investigated the extent of which personality factors could determine financial risk taking in everyday money matters. Read more »

Strategies behind Cash Flow Management

Many businesses evidently have noted that cash flow is a big obstacle to the success of their business. Lack of cash in hand tends to weaken a business and sometime, leads to its dissolution. Read more »

The Cash Budget formation process

A cash flow budget is a plan. External events may influence the actual performance as compared to the forecasted results, but it is this cash flow budget that would help a business get back on track through the review process. Read more »

Cash Flow v/s. Profits

Costs and sales and ultimately, profit do not essentially coincide with their respective cash inflows and outflows. Read more »

Impact of Self-Esteem on Financial Risk Tolerance

The way self-esteem affects the financial risk tolerance, is defined as a subjective evaluation based on feedback received from others concerning appearance, behavior, and other personal traits. Read more »

Management of Cash Flow in organisations

Each entity follows an almost unique method to manage its cash flow structure. Modern equipment for easy management are being used more for monitoring, analysis and implementation of various management solutions. Read more »

Cash Flow Management in small scale organisations

There are basic methods that small scale organizations prefer to follow for cash flow purposes. Certain methods will offer such organizations benefits like helping them identify when it shall require cash and other devise ways of generating cash; Read more »

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