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Impact of Self-Esteem on Financial Risk Tolerance

The way self-esteem affects the financial risk tolerance, is defined as a subjective evaluation based on feedback received from others concerning appearance, behavior, and other personal traits. Read more »

Management of Cash Flow in organisations

Each entity follows an almost unique method to manage its cash flow structure. Modern equipment for easy management are being used more for monitoring, analysis and implementation of various management solutions. Read more »

Cash Flow Management in small scale organisations

There are basic methods that small scale organizations prefer to follow for cash flow purposes. Certain methods will offer such organizations benefits like helping them identify when it shall require cash and other devise ways of generating cash; Read more »

Risk investment personalities

Risk is an essential element of the life.  There is always the chance that something won’t work out for us and this chance is called risk. Read more »

Factors influencing financial risk tolerance

Depending upon personal liking, people accept or reject risk. Financial risk tolerance is a concept of a person accepting the risk factor involved with a view to obtain extra profits. Read more »

Impact of personality on risk tolerance

Personality affects all the aspects of the life. Somebody choose to be managers, others choose to be teachers and yet others choose to be entrepreneurs. Read more »

Rationale for preparing a cash budget

There are numerous reasons for preferring to prepare a cash budget. It allows a business to make management decisions concerned with their cash reserves or cash position. Read more »

Cash flow forecasting

A Cash Flow Forecast of a firm is the most crucial aspect of accounts preparation, be it Management Accounts or accounts prepared for the firm’s internal use (for accounting purposes, for management decisions, for lender or creditors or banks, etc.) to evaluate how the business is going to repay the loans. Read more »

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