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Germany and European Monetary Union

The EMS (European Monetary System) came into existence in the year 1979, based on a Resolution that was passed on 5th December 1978 by the European Council. Read more »

Impact of Arcelor & Mittal Merger

The globe’s largest steel company, ArcelorMittal (previously known as Mittal Steel) finally emerged victorious in its bid to acquire Arcelor in the year 2006. Read more »

Role of sentiments in stock market

Financial professionals always have an eye on the impact of investors’ psychology and sentiments on the stock returns in the financial markets. The media constantly discusses and analyses the effect of investors’ mood on stock market movements. Read more »

International Finance

Sources of External Finance :- The main sources of external Finance for the developing countries could  be classified on the following broad heads :- Read more »

Conversion of ADR into shares

At present, ADRs/GDRs of companies such as Infosys and Satyam trade at a substantial premium to the domestic price, while that of companies such as Siliverline Technologies and ICICI trade at a considerable discount. Read more »

Issue of ADR/ GDR in India

1. What are the regulations pertaining to issue of ADRs/GDRs by Indian companies?

Indian companies are allowed to raise capital in the international market through the issue of ADRs/GDRs. They can issue ADRs/GDRs without obtaining prior approval from RBI if it is eligible to issue ADRs/GDRs in terms of the Scheme for Issue of Foreign Read more »

Cash Management Services

In a business anything done financially affects cash eventually. Cash is to a business is what blood is to a living body. A business cannot operate without its life-blood cash, and without cash management, there may remain no cash to operate. Cash movement in a business is two-way traffic. It keeps on moving in and out of business. Read more »

Evolution of the Indian banking system

Indian banking sectorThere are three distinct phases in the history of Indian Banking system. Early phase from 1786 to 1969. Nationalization of Banks and up to 1991 prior to banking sector reforms. New phase of Indian Banking with the advent of Financial & Banking Sector Reforms after 1991. Read more »

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