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Mikhail Bakhtin’s dialogism

Mikhail Mikhailovich Bakhtin (1895 – 1975) was a Russian literary theorist who made contributions to diverse disciples but his contribution towards literature is accounted from his The Dialogic Imagination: Four Essays (Bakhtin, 2010), which shows congruence to many postmodernist thoughts. His dialogic concept contributes to the aesthetic implication of post modernism as Woods might suggest or what Newman might criticise (Newman, 1985; Woods, 1999). Read more »

Notable works on post partition India

Literary works on post partition India generally deal with people’s experience during the period following the partition of India and Pakistan. The period following partition was a period of great suffering, trauma, sacrifice and adjustment. People were trying to build their life anew but the experience of partition haunted them. Read more »

Review of “Drinking Alone With The Moon” by Li Bai

“Drinking Alone under the Moon” is one of Li Bai’s signature poetries which deal with the ancient social custom of drinking. It is deemed to be a big social faux pas if one drinks alone. In this particular poem, the egoistic poet speaker creates his own companions: the moon and his shadow, but both seem reluctant companions and what the poem leaves you with is a sense of despair and deep set loneliness (Columbia Education, 2014). Read more »

Histography depicted in women’s writing

It is indeed a well said fact that people are totally defenceless without their stories. A story empowers them and gives them a sense of dignity. It tells the world about their origins, their struggle for rights, their dignity and their tireless efforts towards gaining victory (Anon n.d.). Read more »

Canadian immigration: A perspective of Susanna Moodie

Susanna Moodie (1803-1885) devoted her life, writing about the experiences about immigration and colonialism. Many of her novels are “emigrant’s guide” for people desiring to settle in Canada. Unlike other writers who have written about themes akin, including Indian Diaspora, Moore pictures more of what the then Canada had to offer the British or how would life be in Canada. Read more »

Aphra Behn’s poetry in gender and love dynamics

Aphra Behn has given much credence to the cause of female writers. Aphra Behn is credited to be one of the first professional women writers of the restoration period of literature history (Todd, 1997, p. 4). Most of her life is shrouded in mystery as she spent a significant portion of her lifetime being a spy. Read more »

Human and Societal values in the writings of modern Indian writers in English

Modern English writing by Indian authors has truly come of age. They have won accolades at home and abroad equally. As a result, we have now a score of Indian writers who regularly publish their own compositions in English, be they poetry, short stories or novels. Read more »

Indian literature in English over the ages

Indian literature in English dates back to around two hundred years since 1800, where several authors have written many Indian literature books in English. The date has no literary significance but is chosen for its rough and ready usefulness. By 1800 there was no real challenge left to the British domination of Indian from either the other European powers in the region. Read more »


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