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Different faces of news

The modern age is basically an age of information. Gone are the days where we relied on common mediums  for this source but with the advent of modern media techniques things have improved by leaps and bounds. Read more »

Marketing strategies of IPL

The main driver of revenues for sports these days is television and cricket is no exception. The media has played a role in highlighting very large broadcast deals for sports like football and cricket. Sports clubs generate substantial revenues from channels through sponsorship and merchandising, which runs into billions every year. Read more »

Indian Mobile Communications Industry’s Advertising expenditure

India’s telecom industry is emerging as one of the biggest advertising spenders every year. In a country that has emerged as the biggest ad spenders in Asia-Pacific region, advertising has become a mainstream activity for most telecom operators. Read more »

Advertising and buzz marketing

Buzz marketing is normally just one of the tools in the marketing communication mix and does not necessarily exclude ‘traditional’ advertising. In some cases a product is so contagious that advertising is not necessary (Rosen 2000, p. 206). Often however, a company will find that there is a lot of buzz in some networks while others need encouragement. A company can therefore use advertising as a follow up on its buzz marketing campaign. Read more »

Influential buying and influencers

A survey conducted by Dimensional Research in April 2013 found that 90% of customers’ buying decisions are influenced by online reviews (Marketingland, 2013). Product reviews matter to them a lot, and they do not proceed with purchasing it until they are convinced of its functions. Sometimes, hypes are created about a product, influencing customers to buy the product. Read more »

Traditional marketing versus word of mouth

In a survey conducted by AC Nielsen in April 2012, it was found that 92% of the respondents trusted   earned media channels like word of mouth rather than traditional media like TV and print. It was further found that they trust strangers’ reviews about a product/ service rather than that company’s advertisements (Marketingmag, 2012). Read more »

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