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Characteristics of brand loyalty of Generation Z and the millennials

Brand loyalty leads to the repeated purchase of products or services and holds an appropriate and positive attitude towards business. The success of e-commerce relies heavily on brand loyalty and it has been theorized as a “vital driver of post-purchase spectacles” (Ghane, Fatian and Gholamian, 2011). A loyal customer helps a brand by making repeated purchases, recommends the brand to their peers and spreads positive reviews through word of mouth. In order to improve brand loyalty among the millennials and Generation, it is important to understand customer requirements long-term commitment (Isa et al., 2015). However, brand loyalty differs among different age groups.

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Role of corporate social responsibility towards brand equity

‘Corporate social responsibility is a commitment that a business makes towards the betterment of the society at large(Uddin, M, et al 2008 ). Corporate social responsibility has received increasing importance in the past few decades (Abdolvand, M & Charsetad, P 2013, p. 273). Read more »

Advantages of product brand image

Most theorists and practitioners stress the importance of creating a product brand image. A brand image helps the company create a distinct set of values and principles:

  1. Which help the customers’ process information to identify a brand.
  2. Differentiate it from its rivals.
  3. Influence their buying decision and provide a basis for extensions.

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Concept of online reputation management

A search for “reputation management” will yield over 77 million results on Google, fairly enough to grasp knowledge on the subject. The term refers to management of a company’s good image in the market. A favorable reputation means brand loyalty and new customers, leading to increased sales and revenues. Read more »

Luxury brand market in India

Luxury brand market in IndiaFashion is a symbol of society and has continuously been influenced by historical, social, traditional, religious, political, economic, psychological and more recently technological changes (Welters and Lillethun, 2011). Read more »

How does Timond advertise its products?

Time never lies. Like a beating heart it chronicles and the yesteryear, today and the moments to come. At Timond the watches are developed greatly, the rhythmic countdown to whatever is to be, the preserver of seasons that has withered, arrived and charmed. Read more »

Understanding celebrity endorsement

Celebrity endorsement of luxury brands is hardly a new phenomenon but has been in practice for several centuries. Celebrities are highly valuable and necessary for brands especially in the luxury brand sector (Keegan, 2011). Read more »

Best and worst practices followed by luxury brand marketers

“Companies that fail to adapt to changes elsewhere in their industry’s value chains are often blindsided by competitors who react to those changes” (Jones, 2010, pp 47). Within the last decade luxury market has changed dramatically. Read more »

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