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Factors affecting online consumer behaviour towards shopping

Internet proliferation in today’s time has led to a boost in online shopping. Social media acts as a promotional and advertising hub for e-commerce retailers which are the primary drivers of online consumer behaviour (Farooqi, 2017). It creates an impetus to understand online consumer behaviour towards shopping for sustaining online businesses and increasing the chances of profit and success in the long run (Elkhani and Bakri, 2012). This article reviews the most critical and relevant factors in today’s competitive business scenario. Read more »

Consumer winning marketing strategies

A strategy is generally applied at different aspects of an organization i.e. business or corporate. It can thus be tied to different activities such as their pricing strategies, new product development or promotional strategies. Read more »

Importance of consumer behavior in a marketing strategy

Marketing strategies impact the daily lives of the consumer significantly:

  1. They act as the source of information for new products or services available in the market.
  2. It influences the way they think and perceive, their beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and their buying decisions.

Read more »

Understanding consumer behavior and marketing strategy

Consumer behavior can be described as the study of who, where, when, how and why of consumers’ buying behavior. Loudon (2001) defines consumer behavior as “the decision process and physical activity individuals engage in when evaluating, acquiring, using or disposing of goods and services.  Read more »

Customer satisfaction is the key to success in a marketing strategy

The most common element of modern definitions of marketing is customer satisfaction. Over the past few decades, researchers have incorporated customer satisfaction and other elements focused on the consumer as the heart of a marketing strategy. Read more »

Changing profile of the Indian consumers

Owing to its large population size and growing disposable incomes, India offers a profitable investment opportunity to the marketers across the world. Today’s marketing is consumer-oriented and therefore the global marketers need to understand Indian consumers if they want to successfully harness this opportunity. Read more »

Customer service to achieve competitive advantage

Businesses operate in a competitive environment and face stiff completion from its rivals. A firm gains competitive advantage by offering quality products at low costs or valued products at higher prices which justifies the cost. Read more »

Consumer service as a competitive advantage

For any company, satisfying consumers is the main objective to have higher market share and competitive advantage over competitors. This article help readers to understand about consumer, consumer service and the role of consumer service in achieving a sustainable competitive advantage by companies. Read more »

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