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Impact of Celebrity Endorsements

Advertisement helps consumers in making their purchasing decision. Over the years advertising strategies have gone through various changes. Read more »

Customer Knowledge of Services Pricing

To what extent do customers use price as a criterion in selecting services? How much do consumers know about the costs of services? Read more »

The compatibility of Service Customers

The mere presence of customers in churches, restaurants, bars and spectacular sports is important. If no one else shows up, customers will not get to socialize with others, one of the primary expectations in these types of services. Read more »

Consumer Behavior Models

Freudian Psychoanalytical Model

The Freudian model suggests that consumers succumb to their deepest fears and longings which translate into certain purchasing decisions. Freud believed that the human personality is made up of three parts namely the “ID”, “Super Ego” and “The Ego”. Read more »

Marketing in practice

The Consumer-Centric Business

There are a many companies especially those in the Consumer Package Goods (CPG) market that adopt the theory of running their business centred around Consumer, Shopper & Retailer needs. Their Marketing departments spend quality time looking for “Growth Opportunities” in their categories by identifying relevant insights (both mindsets and behaviours) on their target Consumers, Shoppers and retail partners. Read more »

Influential buying and influencers

A survey conducted by Dimensional Research in April 2013 found that 90% of customers’ buying decisions are influenced by online reviews (Marketingland, 2013). Product reviews matter to them a lot, and they do not proceed with purchasing it until they are convinced of its functions. Sometimes, hypes are created about a product, influencing customers to buy the product. Read more »


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