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Implementing total quality management at Wipro

The worldwide competition, deregulation and rapid technology changes are bringing focus on quality awareness. The management strives to achieve total quality management by mobilising the whole organisation to adhere to quality continuously economically. Read more »

Role of senior managers in organizational change

In its simplest form, organizational change can be defined as, “new ways of organizing and working” (Dawson, 2003). However this definition is incomplete as it gives no idea about the nature of change. Organizational change is one of the most discussed topics in the industry yet there exist no standard definition of the term. Read more »

Sustaining Lean Six Sigma at Toyota

Quality is an indispensable dimension that every organization must adhere to. Be it a product or service, all an end customer expects from a provider is quality. The following section describes how well the two famous organizations, Toyota has managed to stand as leaders in rendering quality  products and services respectively by adopting quality policies and practices at each and every level of the organization. Read more »

Lean manufacturing in India

Though many authors relate the term ‘lean’ to a specific business process like manufacturing or logistics, lean is basically a philosophy which believes in identification and elimination of wastage and can be applied to any process or system. Read more »

Sustaining six sigma at Motorola

The following section describes the strategies to be adapted by Motorola in order to sustain its six sigma process successfully.

At the launch of Six Sigma initiative that will set expectations for superior results, require dramatic improvement, demand major changes, transform corporate culture, and embody the corporate philosophy, strong leadership is required (Keller, 2005; Pyzdek, 2003). Read more »

Lean manufacturing at Toyota

Lean manufacturing, a spin-off of traditional six sigma, got its start at Toyota in Japan. In Lean Six Sigma manufacturing, turning costs is reduced lead time, reducing work in process, minimizing wasted motion and optimizing material flow. Read more »

Six Sigma at Motorola

Bill Smith, an engineer working at Motorola developed the tools and mathematics for Six Sigma and is credited for the term related to the method of in-grafting the problems of business with statistical toolset. Read more »

Factors for successfully implementing six sigma

There are several factors which make the methodology of Six Sigma a success. They are given as follows:

Read more »

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