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Interview & survey method to understand the factors affecting online shopping behaviour

The previous article discussed the conceptual framework for factors affecting the online shopping behaviour of generation Z and millennial consumers. The conceptual framework showed the important variables of the study. It also presented the research questions and the hypotheses to be tested. The aim of this study is to determine the factors affecting the buying behaviour of generation Z and millennials. Furthermore, this study will also identify the strategies adopted by e-commerce businesses to influence them. For this purpose, the study adopts a multi-dimensional research approach that includes interview and survey methods.

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Facebook and its big step in mobile marketing

The year 2012 was a mobile year when the advertisements through mobiles crossed a mark of $6,525 million worldwide. Moreover, the increasing use of smart phone is enabling the users stay connected via mobile internet all the time (Cengiz Yilmaz, Varnali, & Toker, 2011). Read more »

Review websites are a great way to socialise a business

In the contemporary age of technological advancement and digitalisation, there has been considerable growth in dependency over virtual world. People have moved away from traditional way of searching, comparing and purchasing services ranging from grocery items to travel packages. Read more »

Identifying ways to expand social marketing

In the 1950’s, a random thought ran through the mind of Wiebe, a psychologist, “Why can’t you sell brotherhood and rational thinking like you can sell soap?” (G.D. Wiebe 1952). Imagine if love could be sold like soap or biscuits, there would be no war between Gaza and Israel.  This idea was developed by others into the marketing strategy, we now know as social marketing (Kotler & Zaltman 1971). Read more »

Emergence of social network marketing in India

In the present technology influenced environment, the business model viability is no longer the conventional brick and mortar model. Today, most of the businesses have a virtual presence to reach out to their customers easily and also explore the possibilities of far-fetched geographical markets. Marketers need to keep abreast with the current society trends and formulate marketing strategies accordingly. Read more »

The role of non-monetary costs

When a customer buys a product, he is not only spending money, he is spending other things as well. These things are called non-monetary costs and they are spent in the form of time, convenience, effort and psychology (Businessdictionary, n.d.). Read more »

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